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06 Dec 2022
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Digital Nomad Visa

 Costa Rica is called the "Central American Switzerland" because of its political stability, well-groomed environment, and high standards of living. The country itself has a huge number of forests, nature reserves, volcanoes, and mountains.


In order to leave your daily routine behind and start a new life in Costa Rica as a freelancer, you can use a digital nomad visa.

On July 4, 2022, the Costa Rican government approved the law "On the involvement of remote workers and international service providers" (Ley para atraer trabajadores y prestadores remotos de servicios de carácter internacional / Ley 10.008).


For how long is a residence permit issued for a remote worker?

Beneficiaries are entitled to reside in Costa Rica for up to 2 years.


Basic requirements for obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa

To obtain the document, a foreign citizen is obliged to:

·       Have an income of more than $3000, earned for work in a company outside the country. If the applicant attaches his or her family to the application, the level of his or her salary must exceed $4000.

·       Pay a state fee of $190. The amount may be slightly higher, it all depends on additional payments, the amount of which has not yet been fully approved.


List of required documents for a digital nomad visa to Costa Rica

·       A completed Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa Application Form duly signed by the interested person/representative. The form can be accessed digitally through the Migración Trámite Ya platform / in physical form when contacting the DGME.

·       Insurance. The health insurance policy must cover the period of the digital nomad's stay in Costa Rica. The total amount of coverage must be at least USD 50,000. A policy from an international/national insurance company regulated by the Costa Rican General Insurance Administration (SUGESE) is accepted. If a digital nomad enters Costa Rica with dependents, a similar insurance policy will have to be issued for each dependent.

·       Proof of payment in favor of the government in the amount of $100 / equivalent amount calculated at the basic exchange rate of the Central Bank of Costa Rica. The amount should be deposited to the Central Bank account number 242480-0, which is usually used to make payments for entry into Costa Rica.

·       A copy of a page of a valid foreigner's passport containing personal data (photo and biographical information) and a page with a stamp of entry into Costa Rica if the digital nomad is already in the country.

·       A copy of the passport page with a Costa Rican visa, if the authorities of the applicant's country of origin have not signed a visa-free agreement with their Costa Rican counterparts.

·       Bank account statements accompanied by a certified statement of receipt of documents through the relevant financial institution to confirm income. A consularly legalized/apostilled document is acceptable.

·       A completed "Documento de consentimiento informado" form authorizing the relevant agency to store information about the digital nomad/dependents in its own databases.

Any document issued in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish, which is the official language. The translation may be performed by an official translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica. The participation of a notary with knowledge of the language of the applicant's country of origin is allowed.

The document can be translated abroad, but in this case, it should be checked with the participation of a Costa Rican translator to avoid mistakes that complicate the process and can lead to visa revocation/fine.


How to apply for a Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa?

A foreigner wishing to obtain a digital nomad visa to enter Costa Rica is obliged to submit the completed forms and supporting documents, having previously paid the required fees. The relevant agency has fifteen calendar days to make a decision.

A remote worker/service provider who wishes to apply together with his/her spouse/partner, sons/daughters and parents/grandparents is required to submit a family group form to the Costa Rican authorities.

Upon receipt of the request, the relevant agency is obliged to verify whether the information provided by the applicant is consistent within five business days. In case of missing important data, the agency requests in writing to fulfill the requirements or clarify/correct the information. The digital nomad is obliged to provide the required information/corrected documents within eight business days.

In case of non-compliance with the requirements for filling out the forms and content of documents established by law, the application for a digital nomad visa to Costa Rica will be rejected.

If you meet the requirements, you will be issued a visa.

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