How to enter Russia for the purpose of tourism and what sights to visit



How to enter Russia for the purpose of tourism and what sights to visit

The Russian Federation (Russia) is a state whose territory stretches from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean. The borders are in contact with 16 states and 2 unrecognized state entities. It is the largest state in the world and ranks first in terms of the length of land and sea borders.

Travel to Russia

Before traveling to the territory of the Russian Federation, it is worth remembering that the vast size of the country covers 4 climatic zones. Therefore, the time of travel to a particular region should be chosen carefully.

The country is rich in both historical places and unique natural places. And in one trip it is unlikely to be able to visit even half of the most famous places in this state. Even if the duration of the tour will be several months.

A visit to Russia should be planned in advance, taking into account not only weather conditions but also the route of arrival, as well as local holidays. Since the Russian Federation consists of 85 subjects, cultural and religious differences can be very significant.

What is required to enter Russia

With the latest change in the legislation of June 14, 2022, entry into the territory of the Russian Federation through air and sea checkpoints is free for citizens of all countries of the world. Visiting Russia across land borders has restrictions for foreigners from some states.

You can find out the rules for entering the Russian Federation through land checkpoints for citizens of your country at a consultation with our specialists.

Therefore, it is recommended to cross the border only at airports or seaports.

If you visit Russia by land, you must have the following reasons:

  • Caring for relatives.
  • Treatment;
  • Studies;
  • truck drivers;
  • Athletes (for participation in competitions);

Documents for visiting Russia (full list):

  • International passport
  • visa and application form (if needed)
  • arrival form
  • medical insurance
  • hotel reservation or confirmation of another place of residence
  • return tickets.

Tourist places in Russia

Tourism in Russia can be very different in terms of experiences, places, and costs.

Depending on your preferences, you should plan your visit to the country and the place of arrival in advance. Among the popular places for "urban" tourism is the Golden Ring of Russia - a route through the cities of Moscow, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Sergiev Posad, Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir, Suzdal.

This tourist route covers the ancient cities of Russia with historical sites. It will be interesting for those who like to learn the history of the state and look at historical monuments live.

A separate trip to St. Petersburg will be an unforgettable period in the life of any tourist. The cultural capital will introduce you to many unique museums, as well as royal residences in Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo.

If the purpose of your visit is to see picturesque landscapes, then Karelia will be an ideal destination. Many lakes and healing springs attract tourists from all over the world.

Lake Baikal is one of the natural wonders of Russia. The world-famous reservoir hides many secrets and opens beautiful landscapes for tourists.

Thus, tourism in the Russian Federation can be very versatile and give the impression that you have visited not one country, but several. Entry rules are quite simple for citizens of any country in the world, which allows you to plan a trip at almost any time of the year.

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