Dutch health insurance 2024: what changes to expect



Dutch health insurance 2024: what changes to expect

The Netherlands is known for its high-quality healthcare system and health insurance, which provides citizens with access to the necessary medical services. However, over the years, the insurance system has been subject to changes and adaptations to new realities. Find out more about the main deadlines and rates for obtaining a health insurance policy in the Netherlands

Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world
Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world

Moving to the Netherlands is a task that requires attention to detail, including obtaining health insurance. Unfortunately, many expats and migrants, despite being highly qualified, can forget about key deadlines and tasks during adaptation.

In 2024, we have another important deadline - January 31 to choose and purchase new health insurance in the Netherlands. This gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with information about insurance plans in advance and make an informed choice.

The article provides complete information about health insurance in the Netherlands and reveals what to expect from insurance companies in 2024. Knowing these aspects is key in the process of adaptation and ensuring your comfortable stay in a new country.

Main provisions of health insurance in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a convenient "medical season" that makes it easy to obtain health insurance. The main deadlines for choosing health plans fall on the same period every year. This means that you only need to familiarize yourself with them once, as these events occur regularly during the medical season, giving you time and opportunity to carefully choose the best insurance plan for your health.

Publication of monthly premiums in November

Every year, all Dutch insurance companies are required to publish information about their health insurance premiums, which is a key component for financial planning and budgeting. As monthly premiums are constantly increasing, this information becomes crucial for proper financial management. In November of each year, health insurance companies announce expected changes in rates, coverage, and policies for the coming year.

Officially, this period is known as the "medical season," and it is when insurance buyers can more easily compare rates and policies across companies. In November 2023, the changes in coverage for 2024 are scheduled to be announced. This will allow you to get reliable information to choose the right insurance plan, taking into account your own needs and budgetary constraints. Thus, in November 2024, expect the publication of new tariffs for 2025 and other changes for health insurance.

Transfer and cancellation of current insurance in December

Every year by December 31, everyone has the opportunity to review and change their current health insurance. It is important to understand that switching to another provider and cancelling a policy require different procedures.

If you are not satisfied with your current plan for the next year, you can use the "medical season" to change your provider instead of simply cancelling. You can sign up with a new provider until December 31, and they will take all the necessary steps to cancel your current plan.

Also, during this period, you are free to cancel your insurance even if you do not yet have a new provider. While it may take some time to cancel on your own, it is sometimes worth it, allowing you to carefully compare different coverage options and find the best fit for your needs.

Getting new health insurance in January

The new year always starts with an important deadline for Dutch citizens - January 31, the deadline for signing up for new health insurance. According to the law, every person is obliged to have health insurance, and missing this deadline can result in a fine.

This is especially important for those who have cancelled their insurance or those who have just moved and have not yet secured health coverage. Everyone has until the 31st to choose the best insurance plan.

To help you, we have analysed and broken down the new tariffs for 2024 from leading insurance companies compared to the previous year of 2023. This allows everyone to choose the right plan for them and provide themselves with optimal health coverage for the next year. Ensure your health and take out new insurance on time, using affordable rates and opportunities of well-known insurance companies.

Health insurance policy in the Netherlands in 2024: new rates

In 2024, insurance companies in the Netherlands presented their new tariffs, and many were disappointed with the rising cost of health insurance. In general, all insurance companies raised monthly premiums by an average of 5%. This is justified by various factors, such as rising medical costs and new requirements from the government.

The most tangible change in the market is the reduction of the healthcare allowance, or "zorgtoeslag," which is determined by the government. However, the specific losses for each citizen will be determined individually. To check the projected benefit, you can use the website with your DigiD.

It is also important to keep in mind that health insurance providers such as VGZ, CZ, and Zilveren Kruis have made changes to their coverage for 2024. They will no longer fully reimburse the costs of treatment in facilities that do not have a contract with the insurer. This is important to consider when choosing a doctor or hospital to receive services.

Compared to the United States, where most insurance companies contract with hospitals, in the Netherlands it is important to clarify whether the provider has a contract with your insurance company. Going to an out-of-network specialist may result in non-coverage, and you may have to seek reimbursement. Read the new regulations carefully to ensure you have the right coverage for your medical needs in 2024.

If you are planning to move to the Netherlands, purchase an insurance policy, as it guarantees high-quality medical care anywhere in the world and can protect you from unnecessary expenses while travelling.  You can buy insurance from trusted agents on the Visit World portal. Follow the link, choose your citizenship and country of destination, and look for a policy that meets your specific requirements.

Daria Rogova, Head of Insurance at Visit World

To move, travel or work safely in a new country, you will need health insurance. You can apply for an extended policy on our website here.

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