Rating of the most beautiful countries in the world in 2024



Rating of the most beautiful countries in the world in 2024

Every country in the world offers tourists a unique experience: amazing landscapes, architectural monuments, incredible nature, or local dishes. It is these seemingly insignificant details that form a country's image. Learn more about the ranking of the most beautiful countries in the world by US News & World Report

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US News & World Report has presented a new ranking of the most beautiful countries in the world for 2024, taking into account the diversity of each country. The countries were rated based on 65 parameters, including quality of life, level of development of human rights and social sphere, economic performance, influence, innovation, business environment, tourism and cultural heritage.

The ranking includes the 10 most beautiful countries. Canada is once again recognized as the leader. The United States is in second place, with its wealth of cultural achievements and diverse landscapes. India, with its ancient history and rich culture, took third place.

Let's take a closer look at the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world in 2024.

10. Switzerland

Switzerland attracts millions of tourists with its unique nature and diverse landscapes. From modern Zurich to sophisticated Geneva and the charming cities of Montreux and Vevey, every corner of this country has its own unique charm.

The mountains and lakes of Switzerland are definitely worth your attention. Here you can enjoy the majestic alpine landscapes, admire cozy lakes and majestic mountain peaks, or travel by train through picturesque mountain valleys.

Switzerland is famous for its peacefulness and high standard of living. This rich country welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year, inviting them to enjoy its architectural masterpieces, cultural events and natural beauty.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand is a country full of natural beauty that leaves an unforgettable experience. The mountains and landscapes here are striking in their majesty, the lakes have crystal clear waters, and the coastline stretches for almost 14 thousand kilometers.

New Zealand's beauty includes magical fields of purple and pink lupine near Lake Tekapo, the majestic mountain fjords of Milford Sound, and the amazing firefly caves in Waitomo. The peaks of the Humboldt Range add a zest to this unique pezzazz.

The cities of New Zealand, though small, play an important role in maintaining the balance between civilization and wildlife. They open up new horizons for tourists, inviting them to experience the unique atmosphere of this incredible country.

8. South Africa

South Africa is a great place for a safari, as the Kruger National Park allows you to observe the “Big Five” African animals. Here you can see elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinos in their natural environment.

Boulder Beach is a unique place on the continent where visitors can meet real penguins. The natural landscapes of South Africa are very diverse: from the high Drakensberg Mountains to the flower fields of Namaqualand and the Blyde River Canyon. Every corner of the country has its own unique beauty and attracts tourists with its uniqueness.

The cities of Cape Town and Durban are a must-see as they reflect the cultural and historical richness of South Africa. Cape Town attracts tourists with its numerous attractions: The Cape of Good Hope and the South Mountain. And Durban is famous for its beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere.