Trip to Australia: how to get a tourist visa, money, the Internet, and driving a car



Trip to Australia: how to get a tourist visa, money, the Internet, and driving a car

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Australia is a country of endless landscapes, blue shores, and sandy beaches. This continent has unique wildlife that attracts an incredible number of tourists every year. A trip to this country is truly a dream of many.  After all, unforgettable impressions, positive emotions, and getting to know a new culture and nature are only part of what Australia can give you. This country should be on your list to visit.

To realize the scale of beauty here, you will need more than one trip. Even the citizens of the country are constantly discovering something new for themselves. To get the most wonderful impressions of the country, it is worth planning this trip. It is necessary to take into account all the details and nuances so that nothing can spoil the trip, and to be ready for everything in advance.

Visa to Australia

Of course, to get to this magical country, you need to open a visa. An Australian visa is not simple, but even quite complicated to obtain. After all, you need to collect a lot of documents, and it is desirable to collect them correctly. The country's embassy treats this nuance with all rigor.

When opening a visa through the embassy, ​​you need to provide the following documents:

 • a copy of the first page of the foreign passport;

 • scanned copies of previous visas and stamps;

 • one color photo on a white background (35x45 mm);

 • a scanned copy of all pages of the internal passport;

 • the applicant's questionnaire with all filled-in data;

 • a notarized copy of a marriage, divorce, and birth certificates;

 • certificate of your status and your financial situation;

 • the original certificate from the bank about the availability of funds in the account;

 • photocopies of documents on the availability of movable and immovable property;

 • reserved tickets;

 • medical insurance for the visa period with an insurance amount of at least $50,000.

Yes, many documents are required. However, there is good news. You can also issue a visa online. This innovation made life easier for all immigrants. It will take about 4 weeks to issue such a visa. The visa fee costs $135. You need to prepare for a visa:

  1. copies of the main pages of the foreign passport and all previous visas;
  2. completed visa application form;
  3. health insurance.

The main thing is that all documents must be in English or have a professional translation. For online registration, you need to scan all the documents and send them together with the questionnaire and application. If there is a positive result, you will be sent a congratulatory letter. Also, you must prove that you are not an illegal immigrant. You must have with your documents for movable and immovable property, available balances on card accounts, a work certificate, or certificates of children. All so that the officer is sure that you will return home. When you arrive in Australia, you will need to complete a migration card in English.

It is best to fly to the country between September and January. During this period, it is spring in Australia. This is the most comfortable period for travel. After all, a trip in intense heat is unlikely to please you.

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