Obtaining citizenship in Mexico: the pros and cons of permanent residence in the country

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Obtaining citizenship in Mexico: the pros and cons of permanent residence in the country

Mexico is a colorful country with ancient culture, bright holidays, unusual traditions, delicious national cuisine, a warm climate, and beautiful beaches. Mexico is a country of contrasts: modern architecture and ancient pyramids, well-kept beaches and impenetrable jungles, friendliness of residents, and criminality.

Also, this country has a clean, healthy ecology and wonderful nature. Resorts of the Caribbean coast, high mountains, breathtaking canyons, harsh deserts, majestic volcanoes, and powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean. The government will carefully take care of the environmental safety of industrial productions, and if we are talking about resort areas, then here the environmental legislation is especially careful not to disturb the natural balance. All these facts make Mexico a very attractive country both for tourism and for living in it. 

Pros and cons of living in Mexico

Mexico is a multifaceted country and is suitable for many categories of people. It is not difficult to issue a visa, a temporary or permanent residence permit, and, in the future, the opportunity to obtain citizenship through naturalization. But, like any country, Mexico has its immigration peculiarities. Some like it after moving, while others feel discomfort. 

Let's list the advantages of living in this country: 

• Freedom to travel the world. Simplified procedure for obtaining a 10-year visa to the USA. No visa is required for Canada, Great Britain, EU countries, Japan and New Zealand. 

• Always a warm climate and abundant nature. 

• Lots of greenery, city centers are quite clean, healthy and clean ecology is the policy of the state. 

• People are positive and open. There is no boorish mentality.

• Rich, authentic culture. Traditions and historical and cultural values ​​have been preserved. 

• A wide range of spa services in economic terms. 

• Fairly inexpensive living. All advanced technologies are coming to Mexico as fast as they are to other countries. If you have a financial "rest", by working in Mexico or on remote access, you can easily provide yourself with the standard of living that you are used to, but for much less money.