What is required to acquire citizenship in Iraq. Peculiarities and nuances of staying in the country

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What is required to acquire citizenship in Iraq. Peculiarities and nuances of staying in the country

Iraq is a country in the Arab part of the world, with a great culture. In fact, at the moment, the Republic of Iraq is divided into two countries - Iraq and Kurdistan. After a long war and a long crisis, the country has suffered a lot of grief and is still not in the best condition. Immigration to Iraq is not a popular decision among those who choose to move and live abroad. However, the most frequent causes of migration to Iraq are business, marriage, and religious paths. 

For all the domestic situations in Iraq, the main advantage is its rich history and culture. A thousand years of history can be traced to the monuments and architecture of different times. The capital is Baghdad, a beautiful, ancient, and quite large city. 

What is needed to get citizenship in Iraq?

Due to the unstable situation in the region, migration to Iraq is not very attractive for foreigners to stay. There are many harsh rules, characteristics, and nuances, as well as a population of diverse ethnic groups and religious views, which also affects the atmosphere in the country. The financial and economic situation also leaves much to be desired. 

Nevertheless, if you are going to immigrate to Iraq, you need to apply for a visa, get a residence permit, and then citizenship.  Before doing this, it is important to consider all the nuances of these procedures in advance, since the rules of staying in the country and the procedure for filing and processing documents may change. To successfully obtain a visa or apply for permanent residency, you can contact us for legal advice. The most effective ways to get a passport will be to marry an Iranian citizen, do business, and invest (you need to be prepared for unusual forms, such as investing in reforestation) or the religious way. Also, before planning a trip abroad, or moving to another country, we offer to buy a checklist. 

Peculiarities and types of stays in the country

To get a visa to Iraq, you need to apply to the Embassy of Iraq. There you need to provide a certain package of documents and a completed questionnaire. At the same time, you should know that the provided documents may have different requirements, changing from year to year. Therefore, it is better to take care of this in advance and verify the information in the consulate. In some countries, it is possible to apply for an electronic visa.

  There are the following types and types of visas to Iraq:

Tourist visa. Issued for three months, but allows you to stay in the country for no more than 1 month. The purpose of the trip can be to explore historical and religious sites and visit relatives.

Visitor. This visa to Iraq is required if the visit to the Caliphate is made with religious intentions, including pilgrimage. Issued for 1 month and gives the right during its validity to stay in the territory of the state.

Business. Issued in cases where the main purpose of the visit is to conduct business or engage in labor activities.

It is divided into three types:

A and B - allow free movement within the country;

C - short-term;

D - national;

A national visa gives the right to a long-term stay in the country. 

To apply for a visa you need the following documents:

completed application form;

2 photos, of women under 30 years old - in headscarves;

valid passport;

invitation from the receiving party;

document confirming financial solvency;

Visiting the country, it is necessary to take into account that there are two countries on its territory. Therefore, many people are wondering - do I need a visa to Iraq if I have permission to visit Kurdistan? Yes, Iraq will have to draw up such a document separately. Another important point - the presence in your passport Israeli marks a visit. And if the trip to Kurdistan, such a mark is not an obstacle, then before visiting Iraq, it is better to agree on this issue in advance.

The pros and cons of life in Iraq

Consider the advantages of life in Iraq:

rich history and culture;


not expensive life;

opportunity to do business;

oil reserves;

interesting nature;

delicious food;

Cons of living in Iraq:

the unstable situation in the country;

low security;

no ability to pay by card;

irascible local people;

compliance with public rules, and some restrictions;

deteriorated infrastructure after the war.

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