Medicine and healthcare in Bulgaria. Medical insurance price



Medicine and healthcare in Bulgaria. Medical insurance price

Bulgaria has a high economic performance. The standard of living of the population is high and comparable to that of Western European countries. The medical industry in the country is very developed. There are many medical universities and clinics here. The level of service is commensurate with the world, while the prices are much lower. For this reason, medical tourism is developing in Bulgaria. Foreigners come to the country not only for recreation but also for the treatment or prevention of diseases.

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General information

Medical care in Bulgaria is paid for everywhere. The only exception is the provision of emergency medical care and an accident. All clinics are private. The Bulgarian government copied this approach from Western European countries. All treatment costs are covered by insurance, which every citizen and foreigner who comes to the country to work, rest, or study must have.

Everyone in Bulgaria has health insurance. In the case of official employment, the employer makes insurance premiums for the employee. Holders of permanent residence, as well as citizens of the country, have the right to use the services of the Zdravnaya Kassa, a fund from which money is transferred for treatment. Unemployed residents pay for themselves. Students are exempt from compulsory payment of insurance premiums.

In any case, when planning a trip to Bulgaria, you must choose the best medical insurance for yourself. It is better to do it at home, even before crossing the border. In this case, you need to make the main choice, based on the length of stay in the country. For tourists, cheap options are offered, the cost of which is included in the price of the tour. In other cases, the foreigner must take care of himself.

Health insurance

Without medical insurance, a foreigner will not be allowed to cross the border. Even for a short break. Moreover, it is impossible to obtain a residence permit without this document. The procedure for obtaining insurance is as follows:

Choosing an insurance company. Currently, almost all offices involved in insurance provide an appropriate opportunity. The only question is the availability of suitable programs and prices.

Choice of insurance program. It makes sense to choose the simplest programs for a short visit to Bulgaria. For example, for a short vacation at sea. If a foreigner plans to stay in the country for a long time, then it is better to choose a solid insurance program, which will have the opportunity to visit various doctors.

Drawing up an insurance application, and filling in the relevant documents. In the presence of health problems and chronic diseases, this fact should always be indicated during registration. This will help you choose the right insurance program.

Obtaining an insurance policy. In most cases, processing takes less than an hour. If you have health problems, this may take a day or two.

The received insurance policy must be presented at the consulate when obtaining a visa (if a foreigner plans to cross the border with its help).

Medical insurance price

The information below is current as of summer 2022. However, due to the constant rise in the cost of services, prices may rise. Therefore, they need to be further specified.

So, there are two types of insurance — the amount of 30 thousand euros and 60 thousand euros. For the first case, the average price will be as follows:

30 days — 10 euros;

90 days — 15 euros;

180 days — 18 euros;

360 days — 45 euros.

For the second case:

30 days — 12 euros;

90 days — 20 euros;

180 days — 25 euros;

360 days — 50 euros.

When buying the cheapest insurance, the company pays the following compensations:

provision of emergency medical care;

treatment of exacerbated chronic disease;

treatment of severe toothache;

transportation to a medical facility.

There are other insurance options, for example, for amounts of 50 and 75 thousand euros. Their purchase will cost more. It is advisable to buy them if you plan to stay in the country for a long time. Employees of the insurance company will tell you detailed information about purchasing insurance.