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VisitWorld.Today is a service platform where you can find answers to questions about traveling or moving to any of 200+ countries, as well as purchase related services and products from anywhere in the world:

• professional legal advice on a wide range of visa and migration issues;

• guides - step-by-step instructions for entering the desired country - from obtaining a visa to naturalization;

• travel or health insurance from leading insurance companies.


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What is VisitWorld.Today?

VisitWorld.Today is a service platform for tourists, migrants, expats, which provides free information about the rules of entry and legal stay in all countries of the world for the purpose of tourism, work (business), education, treatment, obtaining a residence permit and / or citizenship.

Who is VisitWorld.Today for?

What other services does VisitWorld.Today provide?

What should I do if I entered incorrect data when applying for an insurance policy?

I cannot pay for the insurance, what should I do?

What if I have purchased a policy but my trip is canceled?


Our goal is to collect up-to-date information on the rules of border crossing and legal stay in all countries of the world for a citizen of any country on one website. Providing qualified assistance in the chosen language at a convenient time for the client. Selling related products and services that are essential for anyone planning a trip, move or immigration.

The modern service contains information in 7 languages (English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian).

Additional questions will always be answered by a round-the-clock hotline in an online chat format.

Advantages of VisitWorld.Today:
• coverage of all countries of the world
• accessibility and ease of use
• information on 5 basic categories (purposes of entry into the country)
• information in 7 languages with further expansion
• round-the-clock customer support (in English)
• legal assistance is provided by qualified local specialists
• certified insurance companies

VisitWorld.Today - your trip without problems!