Work in Kuwait: labor market and employment conditions



Work in Kuwait: labor market and employment conditions

This small country, located in the Persian Gulf, is distinguished by a high standard of living and rapid economic development. Oil deposits are a real treasure here. Thus, natural resources and the skillful policy of local authorities have made Kuwait one of the richest states in its region. Today, workers from different countries are invited to work in this country. Working in Kuwait will allow you to earn well and advance in your career.

New rules in Kuwait for expats: changes in visa rules and what can prevent you from extending your residence permit in 2023.


The advantage of this state is that there is no taxation. Employees receive their full wages because fees and mandatory contributions are not deducted from them. At the same time, Kuwait is cheaper to live in than the UAE or Qatar. So if you have a good salary, you can rent comfortable housing and go on vacation.

Work visa

To obtain a work visa to Kuwait, foreigners must first obtain a residence visa, as well as an invitation to work. At the same time, you will need a foreign passport and its past copy, a specially filled out questionnaire, 4 photos, a copy and the original documents for a work permit, and a letter from the employer about work, as well as a document about the position and salary. In general, the procedure for obtaining a visa can take several months.

Georgians who want to apply for a Kuwaiti visa will be heavily checked. But workers from Guinea-Bissau, Bangladesh, and Vietnam are prohibited from entering the country. Just like from Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and Bhutan.

Peculiarities of employment

Migrants are treated quite well in this country, especially if they are qualified professionals.

Quite often, the number of foreigners far outnumbers the number of Kuwaiti citizens. Migrants, by the way, work in various industries, getting used to the heat and cultural features of Kuwait. Therefore, to successfully get a job, you do not necessarily need to speak Arabic, but you must be fluent in English. By the way, you can take out insurance on our website.

However, getting to this country and getting a job there is not so easy. To begin with, you need to have a signed contract with your employer. Only in this case will you be given a work permit. But your employer must provide out-of-pocket administrative costs, including providing:

• drawing up an invitation;

• visa opening;

• work permit.

In addition, the employer takes care of his employee's affairs while he works and lives in Kuwait. In this way, a foreigner has support in a foreign country in terms of solving important issues.

To get a job in Kuwait, a candidate must:

• know English well;

• have documents confirming the level of education and qualifications for the relevant position;

• have experience in a similar position.

In return, employers offer employees high salaries, a social package, accommodation, and transportation to the workplace, as well as paid vacations.

Work and labor market

The local labor market offers various vacancies for foreigners, but most vacancies are in the field of recreation and tourism. So, working in a hotel, restaurant, fitness club, or beauty salon, you can receive a salary of $1,000. Medical workers in this country receive from $5,000, depending on the position, and teachers - from $1,500 to $2,500.

Also, experts in trade and sales, construction, and IT are needed for work in Kuwait. The oil industry is also a promising field for work in Kuwait. Therefore, if you are a petroleum engineer or a miner, then it will be much easier for you to find a job in Kuwait. One of the best areas for employment is also finance.

Also, if you are a foreigner, you can get a job in Kuwait as an account manager in an export company, a repair worker, an office assistant in a multinational company, a risk analyst, a sales representative, or a teacher, including teaching mathematics and English, a translator, a software developer, taxi driver, warehouse worker.

Kuwait also plans to increase the number of hospitals by 2035. Therefore, the healthcare system expands employment opportunities for both locals and foreigners. Therefore, if you have decided to work abroad and geographically consider not only Europe, you can safely choose Kuwait.