What you should know about employment in Egypt: job search and visa application



What you should know about employment in Egypt: job search and visa application

Egypt is a wonderful country with ancient history and traditions. The country is washed by the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Egypt currently has a fairly stable economic system. Many citizens of other countries visit the country not only as tourists but with the hope of employment.

Since Egypt is a tourist country, work here is primarily available in the service sector: restaurant and hotel businesses, trade, entertainment, and some types of technical professions. However, there is an actual lack of work for local people in the country. Because of this, even qualified specialists often work here outside of their profession. But there is one interesting fact, often foreigners working here in international companies receive a higher salary than residents. 

Conditions of employment 

First of all, you need to find an employer who can give you jobs and become your sponsor. Egyptian companies are always financially responsible for those they hire for the entire period of employment. You need to get a work permit. This is a rather complicated process and takes a lot of time (sometimes from 1 to 3 months). It will be better if you start looking for work from home, and are not already on the spot. Illegal work should also be avoided, there are quite a lot of such vacancies. 

To get a work permit, you need the following documents: 

• completed application; 

• valid foreign passport; 

• 7 color photos (the size should be the same as your passport); 

• copies of educational diplomas and certificates of professional development; 

• an official letter from the employer; 

• medical certificate (must also include HIV tests); 

• work permit (issued by the State Security Department of Egypt); 

• a receipt for the payment of the state fee; 

• a package of documents installed by an Egyptian company. 

There may also be other requirements, such as your financial statements. Issuing a work permit can take from half a year to a year. 

Job search in Egypt 

Most often, foreigners find jobs in the big cities of Egypt: Cairo and Alexandria. Cairo is the most interesting. There you can find a job in the field of finance. International companies and business centers are always looking for high-class specialists. But to get a good job, you need a high level of language skills. It would be great if you knew Arabic, in that case, you would have an advantage over other candidates. If you don't know, then you should know English and at least a little French. You can go on a tourist trip first, and learn some information about the job, and improve your speaking level. You can write your proposals directly to international companies. However, before that, you should prepare your resume in a high-quality manner. This is necessary to demonstrate all skills and abilities. 

Popular sites for looking for a job in Egypt: 

  • wuzzuf.net; 
  • bayt.com; 
  • jobs-eg.com. 

Vacancies and Salary 

Egypt is not a country where you can have big earnings. However, the salaries here are relatively good. Of course, everything depends on the choice of profession and company. The average salary is 200-300 euros per month. Qualified specialists 400 euros per month. In the country, salaries are not distributed equally between different sections of the population. For example, residents of large cities receive more income than residents of villages. 

The most popular and accessible jobs for foreigners are: 

• The field of information technologies and media; 

• Oil sector; 

• Teaching English; 

• Medicine; 

• Tourism. 

Work visa to Egypt 

To start working in Egypt, you need to open a work visa. You can find out full information and all the details from our lawyer on the website. 

However, to open a work visa and get permission to stay in the country, you need to collect the following documents: 

1. Foreign passport (and all previous visas); 

2. Completed questionnaire with your data; 

3. 4 photos; 

4. Original and copy of work permit documents; 

5. Official letter from your employer about your duties at work; 

6. Information about the vacancy, time of arrival in the country, and your financial capabilities. 

Egypt is a country of great opportunities, and if you plan everything correctly and follow all the requirements, you can get a good, high-paying job in this country.

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