Moving to Egypt for permanent residence in 2024: necessary documents and visa requirements (updated)

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Moving to Egypt for permanent residence in 2024: necessary documents and visa requirements (updated)

Despite the exoticism and cultural peculiarities of Egypt, a large number of expats are considering this destination for permanent residence. And this is not surprising, as the country offers an affordable cost of living, a warm climate, and endless opportunities for recreation. Learn more about visa requirements and necessary documents for moving to Egypt in 2024

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Order an insurance policy for safe travel to any part of the world

Egypt attracts foreigners with its warm climate, culture, and affordable cost of living. The cost of living for one person in Cairo is quite low, about $400 without rent. According to statistics, the largest number of expats come to Egypt from Morocco, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

To obtain permanent residence in Egypt, foreigners can use one of the 4 available ways: employment in a local company, admission to an Egyptian university, marriage to a citizen of the country, or family reunification.

Wealthy foreigners can obtain Egyptian citizenship by investing at least $250,000 in the country's economy. This option makes it possible to obtain citizenship faster and easier than other methods of immigration.

The main advantages of moving to Egypt in 2024

Moving to Egypt for permanent residence opens up great opportunities to live in a comfortable climate with a rich cultural heritage and ample opportunities for business development. Let's consider the main advantages of living in this country:

1. Climate and weather. Egypt has a warm and dry climate with mild winters and hot summers. In the northern regions near the sea, the weather is milder and more humid, which creates comfortable living conditions;

2. Low cost of living. The cost of living in Egypt is relatively low, making it attractive to expats. Housing rent and daily expenses are significantly lower compared to other countries;

3. Favorable conditions for investment. In Egypt, foreign entrepreneurs can take advantage of nine free zones to register companies with tax benefits. It is also possible to open accounts in Egyptian banks in world currencies;

4. Opportunity to obtain citizenship. Investments in the country's economy from $250,000 allow you to obtain Egyptian citizenship within a year;

5. Travel opportunities. With an Egyptian passport, you can travel without a visa to more than 80 countries. In addition, Egyptian citizens can obtain an American E-2 business visa to work and do business in the United States;

6. Cultural and historical wealth. Egypt is famous for its extraordinary cultural and historical heritage: the pyramids of Giza, Ancient Cairo, the treasures of ancient Luxor and other attractions. A visit to these places allows you to relive the millennial history of a majestic civilization;

7. Private medicine. Egypt offers private medical services at the international level. Many clinics are accredited by the Joint Commission International, which ensures high quality medical care;

8. Hospitable local population. Egyptians are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Local residents often show a warm attitude towards foreigners and help them in the process of adaptation. In addition, many people in cities speak English and other languages, which makes communication easier;

9. Fresh and cheap food. Vegetables and fruits are widely grown in Egypt, which ensures the availability of fresh and tasty food.

Cost of living in Egypt for foreigners

Residential real estate rental in Egypt is quite affordable, especially in comparison with other countries. In the central districts of Cairo, the cost of an apartment for one person starts at $200 per month, and for families of three or four people - from $350. In Hurghada, similar apartments can be found for $100 and $200 respectively. To the rental price should be added the cost of utilities, which is about $30-40 per month, and the Internet - about $10 per month.

As for food, the average grocery basket of milk, bread, eggs, cheese, chicken, beef, fruits and vegetables costs about $25. Locals mostly buy vegetables and fruits at the markets, where they are fresh and more affordable. Dinner for two in an inexpensive restaurant costs $8-10, and in a middle-class restaurant it costs about $20. A cup of coffee costs $1-2.

The transport infrastructure in Egypt is well developed. Locals use buses, minibuses, and taxis. The price of a monthly bus ticket is $10-12. The average cost of a taxi ride is $0.7 per kilometer. The Cairo Metro is open from 5 am to 12 am, and the ticket price depends on the number of stations the passenger plans to travel. One metro ride can cost from $0.35 to $6.5, depending on the distance.

The Cairo metro has separate women's cars to ensure the comfort of women if they feel the need, but the use of general cars is allowed for everyone. 

Documents required for moving to Egypt

To travel to Egypt, you need to have several documents:

1. A passport valid for at least six months after the date of entry into the country;

2. A return airline ticket or a certificate of return travel;

3. Visa.

If you are visiting the country for the purpose of traveling, the authorities may ask about your planned itinerary. Therefore, you need to provide the addresses of different places of residence and booked vehicles.

When visiting friends or relatives, travelers should be able to present a signed letter from them. This letter should confirm the invitation to Egypt.

For safe relocation to any country in the world, obtaining citizenship and employment, take the advice of an international lawyer. We help to solve complex and simple issues for your comfort and safety in any part of the world. 

Obtaining a visa to move to Egypt in 2024

Visas are issued by the country's immigration service depending on the purpose of the trip. Tourists have the opportunity to apply online, which saves time in preparing for the trip. However, for other purposes, such as working or settling in the country, it is necessary to apply to the Egyptian embassy.

How to apply for a visa to Egypt? The application can be submitted through an online application form, which is available every day around the clock. This method allows you to apply for a visa for one or more travelers at the same time. Contact and travel information will need to be provided only once, and then add the details of each traveler.

Once your application is approved, you will receive your visa by email within a few days. During the pandemic, it may take longer to process applications, so you should be patient.

A tourist visa is valid for 90 days and allows you to stay in Egypt for no more than 30 days. A multiple-entry visa allows multiple visits to the country within 90 days, but no more than 30 consecutive days. All arrival and departure dates must fit within this visa validity period.

You can apply for a visa to Egypt immediately after booking your accommodation, and you do not need to have airline tickets with you. If you apply a few months before your trip, your visa will be issued only 30 days before departure. Usually, the visa process takes 2 to 5 business days after the application is submitted. In cases of emergency, your application may be prioritized, but this does not guarantee that you will receive your visa on time.

Applying for a residence permit in Egypt

Regardless of the reason for your trip to Egypt, you will have to follow the basic rules regarding passports, identity cards, and visas. However, if you plan to stay in the country for a long time (more than three months), additional steps will be required.

It is possible to work and even settle in Egypt on a permanent basis. To obtain a residency visa, you need to submit an application to the authorities, and the review process can take about a month. A residency visa is required to settle in the country, as without it you will not be able to officially work or rent a house. Don't forget to apply for a work permit as well.

This entire process will take several months, so it is important to plan your trip in advance and take into account the time required to complete the necessary documents. 

To successfully obtain an Egyptian residence permit, you need to take into account the mandatory requirements:

1. Completed and signed visa application form: before submitting your application, make sure that the application form is completely filled out and signed;

2. Color photo in JPG format: attach a color photo of your face in JPG format with a size not exceeding 1 MB. The photo should be placed on a white background, with a neutral expression or a natural smile;

3. Valid passport: submit the original passport and a copy of it;

4. Documents confirming regular residence in the applicant's country: foreign applicants must submit documents confirming their regular residence in the country from which the visa is required;

5. Certificate of no criminal record: an original certificate of no criminal record from the country of residence for the last five years, translated into English, with legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt;

6. Proof of financial stability: confirm the legal means of subsistence of the applicant and his/her family in accordance with the requirements of proof of financial stability;

7. Payment of consular and diplomatic fees.

You also need to fill out a special form and provide the following information:

1. Address of residence in your country;

2. Occupation;

3. The country from which you came to Egypt;

4. The date you started your trip to Egypt;

5. Date of departure from Egypt;

6. The number of entries you plan to make (important: one entry is valid for a maximum of one month of stay, but you can choose a multiple entry visa that will be valid for 3 months);

7. Information about possible expulsion from Egypt or another country and the reason for expulsion;

8. The address where you are going to stay in Egypt, including the name of the hotel, phone number and e-mail address.

The Egyptian e-Visa application is made online, and the documents are downloaded directly from the e-Visa website, which eliminates the need to send them by mail. Payment of fees is also made online. Usually, the e-Visa confirmation is sent by e-mail within 3-7 days after the application is submitted.

How to quickly obtain Egyptian citizenship in 2024

Moving to Egypt is an attractive opportunity thanks to the investment citizenship program. The easiest way to obtain Egyptian citizenship is to make a real estate investment of $300,000 or more. Foreigners can purchase both residential and commercial properties or land plots that are licensed by the state.

One of the advantages of this program is that after obtaining an Egyptian passport, the investor can sell the property and return his or her investment in five years.

In addition, there are other investment options:

1. A one-time deposit of $250,000 or more;

2. Investments in business from $350,000 with a gratuitous contribution to the state in the amount of $100,000;

3. A bank deposit of $500,000 or more.

The applicant must be over 18 years old, healthy and have no criminal record. You can also include your spouse in the application if their marriage is officially registered, as well as children under 21 years of age. A one-time state fee of $10,000 is also required.

Igor Usyk - Head of Legal Department at Visit World

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