Ethiopian citizenship. Who can get an Ethiopian passport

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Ethiopian citizenship. Who can get an Ethiopian passport

Ethiopia has made significant progress in infrastructure development over the past two decades. Today, tourists are returning to the country in increasing numbers eager to discover its marvelous scenery, ancient religious sites, and charming local tribes.

Ethiopia is a multiethnic and multifaceted place where the art of hospitality flourishes. Visitors are usually greeted with a steaming cup of coffee which is said to have been first discovered in the Kaffa region of southeastern Ethiopia. For those who are going to get an Ethiopian passport, there is a list of conditions necessary for granting citizenship.

Who can get Ethiopian citizenship

Any person is eligible to be an Ethiopian citizen by descent if one of the parents is an Ethiopian or if an infant is found abandoned on Ethiopian soil (unless proven to have foreign citizenship). Apart from these two general grounds for acquiring Ethiopian citizenship, there are other ways how any foreigner can acquire Ethiopian citizenship; one of these involves being married to an Ethiopian citizen for more than two years while living in Ethiopia for at least a year.

Foreigners can also acquire Ethiopian citizenship upon request subject to certain requirements including age, residence, and character criteria. The person must demonstrate exemption from his former citizenship or the possibility of obtaining such an exemption after acquiring Ethiopian citizenship.

A child adopted by an Ethiopian citizen can acquire Ethiopian citizenship if he or she is under the age of majority at the time of adoption and resides with his or her parents in Ethiopia.

In special cases, a person who has made an outstanding contribution to Ethiopia may be offered Ethiopian citizenship without any language and residency requirements. The Ethiopian legal system strictly prohibits dual citizenship. Any person automatically loses his Ethiopian citizenship upon acquiring another citizenship.

Ethiopian citizenship procedure:

Prepare all necessary documents;

Fill out the application form;

Submit the duly completed form and documents to the Ministry of Immigration and Emigration in Addis Ababa;

After reviewing all the submitted documents an Ethiopian Citizenship Card will be issued.

Required documents to apply for Ethiopian origin

2 copies of birth certificate;

3 recent 3x4 cm color photographs on a white background with the name of the applicant on the back of the photo;

Certificate from any bank in Ethiopia;

Completed application in both English and Amharic;

Valid Ethiopian passport.

Required documents for submission to a foreign citizen

2 copies of birth certificate;

2 copies of a valid passport of the country of origin;

Payment of 100 USD at any bank in Ethiopia;

3 recent 3x4 cm color photographs on a white background with the name of the applicant on the back of the photo;

Certificate of no criminal record.

To get more detailed information on obtaining citizenship visit the official website of the Ethiopian Ministry of Immigration or download our checklist which details the conditions and requirements for obtaining an Ethiopian passport.