Study and Education System in The Gambia: Entry Requirements for Students in The Gambia



Study and Education System in The Gambia: Entry Requirements for Students in The Gambia

The Republic of The Gambia is a small state in the Western part of the African continent. It has borders with Senegal. The capital of the Gambia is the city of Banjul. The state is known for various ecosystems in the valley of the Gambia River, and the capital and the second-largest city of Serekunda can please visitors with beautiful beaches. The purpose of a trip to the Gambia can be not only tourism but also education. And you can get higher education in the Gambia at several universities.

Gambian education system

The Gambian higher education system includes 3 universities and 67 study programs. Students can receive academic degrees Bachelor's (2 universities and 34 programs), Master's (3 universities and 21 programs), or Ph.D. (2 universities and 12 programs).

Universities in the Gambia:

University of the Gambia

American International University in West Africa

International Open University

The most prestigious and largest is the University of the Gambia. Its main building is located in the capital Banjul. According to international experts, this university has a high rating and is the leader in the field of education in the Gambia. More than 3,000 students study in it, for whom more than 100 teachers lecture.

Students have access to the university library. And for sports fans, there are specially equipped playgrounds and gyms with equipment. A bachelor's degree usually takes 4 years to complete. But there are such types of programs, the duration of which is much longer and can reach 6 years.

You can get an education in the following specialties:



The medicine

Digital technologies


, etc.

The American International University in West Africa, founded in 2011, is a commercial private institution of higher education located in the urban setting of the city of Banjul. Few students study here - from 500 to 1000 people.

To study at one of these universities, international students must obtain a Gambia student visa depending on their country of origin. Tuition fees vary depending on the chosen university and study program. You can clarify the current list of required documents with our specialists at a consultation.

Entry requirements for students in The Gambia

Any foreign national who plans to enter the Gambia for studying must:

Get a visa (if applicable)

Enter only through authorized ports of entry.

Present a valid passport

Announce the purpose of entry into the Gambia and the intended educational institution.

Proceed to the designated immigration office upon entry and obtain a student pass to study in The Gambia.

For this, the following criteria must be met:

Submit a letter of acceptance to the university

Provide sufficient funds to support yourself in the country.

Show paid the course fee

Arrange private health insurance and provide documents

Provide a clear intent for the candidate to return to their home country upon completion of their studies

Please be aware that visa and student ID cards do not allow paid or voluntary work in The Gambia. Studying should only take place at approved and licensed educational institutions. Consular/embassy authorities may require additional documents, if necessary. Applications and documents must be submitted directly at the visa meeting.

We recommend that you apply at least 90 days before your intended travel date. Other required documents can be obtained from the embassy depending on the type of study you are about to undertake. Regular visa processing takes 10-30 business days.

In some cases, it will take 40-50 days. In such cases, you will be notified. The cost of a visa can range from $40 to USD 70 depending on your country of origin. Thus, the choice of higher education institutions in the Gambia is not great. But the conditions at universities are quite acceptable, even taking into account the special requirements for entering the country to study.