Medicine and health care in Grenada. Health insurance in Grenada



Medicine and health care in Grenada. Health insurance in Grenada

Grenada is an island nation with a developed economy in the Caribbean. The capital of St. George's is a small town with a population of about 3 thousand people. Granada has a second name Spice Island due to the presence of nutmeg plantations. Like many island nations, Granada is popular for its tourist resorts and hotels. Such a comfortable place to live attracts many applicants for citizenship. Therefore, a significant part of the country's budget is brought by investments from the citizenship program.

Medicine in Grenada

Despite the modest size of Grenada, the level of medicine here is quite high for both residents and visitors to the islands. On the territory of Grenada, there are more than 30 medical centers and clinics (6 public and 30 private clinics). They provide a wide range of medical services from diagnostics to complex surgeries.

Since Grenada is divided into districts, each district has its clinic. Equipping with medical equipment and qualification of medical personnel is not inferior to the capital's hospital in St. George's, which is considered the leader in the country. Most doctors are graduates of the local St. George's University, which is run by experts from the United States. Therefore, in hospitals and hotels, you can meet English-speaking doctors. Tourists can apply not only to hospitals but also to doctors directly in hotels. You can contact a therapist and get qualified help.

The best hospitals in Grenada:

Marryshow's Diagnostic Clinic

Natural Health Clinic

Ultrasound Services

Gouyave Health Center

21st Century Laboratory Services

Snug Corner Medical Station

Hillsborough Health Center

Princess Alice Hospital

Most of them are on the main island. For guaranteed medical care, we recommend that you take out medical insurance. Learn how to get medical insurance in Grenada at a consultation with our specialists. Folk alternative medicine methods are popular among residents. Herbal treatment, herbal medicine, shamanic knowledge, and voodoo rituals are used.

Doctors also work in large hotels, for example, tourists can seek help from a therapist, dentist, or beautician. If necessary, tourists are hospitalized in clinics. Treatment for non-residents is paid, so you need to take out insurance before the trip. About 10% of the population of Grenada has taken out private health insurance.

Medical insurance in Grenada

Despite the high level of the medical system in Grenada, foreigners need to take out medical insurance before visiting the country.

To avoid unpleasant incidents, follow the 2 most important rules:

Drink only filtered water or buy from stores

Do not eat outside the hotel

Otherwise, you risk ruining your travel experience.

But if an accident occurs, then with medical insurance you can get:

Dental services;

Compensation for payment of treatment;

Transportation to the hospital;

Use of medical equipment;


Legal advice.

It is best to arrange maximum insurance with a travel company that sends you to Grenada. Thus, while relaxing in Grenada, you can count on qualified assistance, but take out medical insurance in advance. Fans of non-traditional methods of treatment can use the services of local shamans. But in this case, the tourist himself takes responsibility. After all, neither the state nor the shamans themselves can give any guarantees. And the result of treatment may be doubtful and not meet your expectations.