Work in Norway: Job prospects, documents, Norwegian residence permit



Work in Norway: Job prospects, documents, Norwegian residence permit

Norway is a mixed economy. Most of the working-age population earns income from petrol production. Hard work is quite popular in Norway in 2022. Work is characterized by a flat structure and a high degree of openness with participation in decision-making - something that job seekers abroad appreciate.

Why are Norwegian jobs so popular with foreigners? Norway has a shortage of human resources, especially in the fishing and metal industries. As a result, thousands of work permits are issued annually to foreigners, especially from the former CIS and Baltic countries to work in Norway.

How to work abroad in Norway?

First of all, you need to apply for a visa to enter Norway legally.

1 Submit the visa application form from the visa portal

2. When you receive the cover letter by e-mail, save it (in PDF format) and use our Visit World visa services.

A Norwegian work permit is also required.

All foreigners need a work permit to work in Norway. Work permits are usually issued for one year and in most cases may be renewed (except for seasonal work permits). 

The original form from UDI (the Norwegian Immigration Service), is called Arbeidstilbud (Norwegian offer of employment) in Norwegian, and is filled in and signed. This form contains information about employers and foreign workers and is stamped with UDI approval.

Norwegian residence permit

To stay and work in Norway for more than 3 months, an immigrant visa is not sufficient and you must apply for a residence permit. The plastic residence card is proof of your right to reside in Norway. Fingerprints and photographs will be taken at the nearest police station and mailed to foreign workers after approximately 10 days.


These will be required to obtain a work visa as mentioned earlier. 

A package of papers is submitted for processing, consisting of:

- A valid passport;

- Internal passport;

- Employment Contracts previously signed with employers;

- Photographs of up to 3;

- Health insurance policy;

- Completed application form.

The Visit World team can help with the paperwork.


There are two ways to pay taxes:

- simplified tax system

- General system of taxation

The flat rate system means that you pay a fixed percentage of tax each month on your wages. When you pay your wages the tax is considered paid in full. General system - in a typical system, taxes are calculated according to the amount of money you earn in a year. You will receive a tax return (skattemelding) with information about your income.

Working prospects

It is quite easy for foreigners to find work in Norway, and once they have secured employment, they have a chance of getting a permanent residence permit with the possibility to bring all family members to the country for permanent residence.