Employment in the UAE: how to move to a country, where to find a job, and what prospects to expect

United Arab Emirates


Employment in the UAE: how to move to a country, where to find a job, and what prospects to expect

The Arab Emirates is a state with huge opportunities and space for building a decent career and getting solid earnings. This rich region does not cease to develop and attracts foreigners with a high standard of living, absence of income taxes, diversity of jobs, incredible infrastructure, modern technologies, fabulous landscapes, and much more.

Therefore, every year thousands of citizens from other countries arrive in the UAE in search of prospects and a new life. It is estimated that today about 85% of the population in the Emirates are ex-pats, the vast majority of whom are migrant workers. The UAE authorities are interested in increasing the skilled workforce, so many auxiliary and incentive programs are often developed for foreigners. Moving to the country is not so difficult. What you need, read on.

What you need to do to come to the country to get a job 

The first thing you need to do if you want to move to the UAE is to create your CV and find a job in your specialty. There are many websites with current vacancies in the Emirates. It is also appropriate to visit the websites of local or international companies. By the way, despite a large number of labor migrants, in many sectors of the country, there is an urgent need for specialists.  

You can search for work on the following portals:


BAC Middle East  




After finding attractive vacancies that match your skills and experience, apply and send to potential employers a CV. Companies review resumes very quickly – up to about 6 seconds. Therefore, try to immediately stand out and indicate the most important and interesting information in the first lines.

Usually, before offering a job, you need to undergo an interview and a medical examination. As soon as a person receives confirmation of employment, the employer will apply for a residence permit on their behalf. After that, you can already have a legal work permit in the Emirates. Such a permit or resident visa can be valid for one to ten years.

What are the conditions?  

One of the necessary conditions for employment in the UAE is the passage of a medical examination. This needs to be arranged before an employee is hired. In addition, foreigners are not allowed to work in the Emirates on a tourist or guest visa. Therefore, to obtain a work or resident visa, you must first find an employer who will be engaged in the preparation of the necessary documents. 

Of course, before you go to the country, it is also important to study the necessary laws, traditions, instructions, the labor market, and other nuances that you need to know to live in the Emirates. 

As for the language, there are no strict requirements in the UAE. To work in a country, you do not have to speak Arabic. It is enough to know English at a good level, which in the Emirates is also called the language of business. Although speaking Arabic will greatly increase prospects and chances of getting a better job.

Should you decide to learn the state language of the country, here are several popular places where you can study: 

Eton Institute  

Golden Age Institute 

The Arabic Language Centre

The Mother Tongue Arabic Language Centre 

Required documents

Among the documents required for obtaining a work visa in the UAE are the following:

confirmation of medical examination;


color photos;

diploma of higher education.

Documents must be legalized. Only then are they transferred to the consulate of the country. Legalization includes translation into English or Arabic and notarization. Since such a procedure is quite complicated, painstaking, and requires accuracy, it is better to entrust this task to specialists. 

A work and resident visa is issued by the employer. However, you need to make sure that the documents are properly and quickly legalized. In case of delays, the employer may simply find another candidate.


One of the great advantages of employment in the UAE is the progressive economy and the lack of income taxes: wages, business or rental profits, personal earnings, etc. That is, in the country, it is not only profitable to work in a particular area, but also to open your own business. Therefore, many call the Emirates a real tax haven. The only industries that still pay a certain percentage of taxes are oil and banking. 

Instead, there are different contributions to the country. However, if we compare their size with the level of income, then these costs are insignificant.  

Working prospects

If we compare the labor market or income level in the UAE to other countries of the world, the difference is significant. For example, managers earn 250,000 dollars, and a qualified teacher in private institutions - even up to 25,000 dollars per month. 

In general, the average salary of foreigners in the country starts from about 4,500-4,600 dollars and beyond. The amount of earnings depends on the industry where a person works, qualifications, education, experience, personal qualities, and skills. 

There are also plenty of jobs in the emirates, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The main industries of the UAE include:


shipbuilding and ship repair;



crafts and textiles;

oil and petrochemicals.

At the same time, the country also needs specialists in the business, energy sector, and the fields of medicine, education, IT, finance, technology, management, tourism, entertainment, essential services, etc. 

New progressive companies are constantly opening in the UAE, so it is impossible to be left without work. If you have higher education, at least in English, experience, and are a qualified employee, then there is every chance to get a promising job with a decent income. 

To get a visa to this country of wealth and opportunities, you will, of course, have to make a lot of effort, as well as be patient. However, in the end, persistent efforts will lead you to the work you have long dreamed of. 

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