Education in Indonesia: advantages and required documents



Education in Indonesia: advantages and required documents

Indonesia is a country where you can not only get a good education but also live in a tropical climate and get acquainted with oriental traditions.

The advantages of studying in Indonesia are undeniable - in just one year you will be able to learn the language and traditions, and get skills in your specialty. For this, academies, institutes, universities, and various educational courses are open to potential students. People usually go to this country to get a technological education.

  • 750 budget places are allocated for foreign students every year.
  • There are 30 public universities in Indonesia, but most often foreign students choose the oldest and most prestigious ones - Gadjah Mada University and the University of Indonesia.
  • There are private educational institutions here as well. The most famous of them are Atma Jaya and Pajajaran.
  • There are also programs for future businessmen - MBA. Thanks to them, you can get good knowledge in the field of business, law, banking, and IT technologies.
  • After graduating from a university in Indonesia, you can work in the field of export, mining, and tourism, become an outstanding scientist, doctor, etc.
  • To enter them, you need to apply for a student visa. It is issued for one year.

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What is needed to study in Indonesia:

Foreign students need at least a month to resolve all bureaucratic procedures.

The following documents will be needed:

1) TELEX permit;

2) Student visa;

3) References from universities.

To receive a TELEX document, you need an international passport that must be valid for at least another year and a half, as well as a copy of it, international passports of your parents or persons sponsoring your studies (and their copies), documents about education (for example, a certificate of complete secondary education ), a document about your enrollment in an Indonesian university, photos on a red (!) background.

Subsequently, the TELEX document must be submitted together with other documents to the Indonesian embassy to obtain a visa.

The following documents are required for a visa:

1) International passport and its copy;

2) Photos;

3) Air tickets;

4) Receipt for payment of the visa fee ($105).

When you arrive in Indonesia, you are required to register your visa at the immigration office within a week.

Important: a student visa does not give the right to work in Indonesia.

As for documents from the educational institution, the KTP of the director and staff, NPWP (licensed tax number of the educational institution), and a notary deed will be required. All documents must have a university seal.

Tuition fees and requirements for applicants

Studying in Indonesia is more than affordable for students. For example, a year of study for a bachelor's degree will cost $2,500, and for a doctorate - it from $3,000. This does not apply to medical specialties - education here is somewhat more expensive. Its cost depends on the specific university you have chosen.

To enter an Indonesian educational institution, you need to know the state language at a minimum. However, you can study in English.

The first thing potential applicants do is apply online for admission to any university. This requires a $100 registration fee. If you are not accepted, the fee will not be refunded.

To enroll in a bachelor's degree, you need to have good grades from school, as well as a certificate of English proficiency. A Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) certificate greatly increases your admissions success. It is a standardized college test used in many countries around the world.

 If you are accepted, you must pay for at least the first semester of study. You also need to think about where you will live during your studies. Depending on your needs, it is necessary to have between 800 and 1000 dollars for accommodation, food, and other necessary expenses.

Studying in Indonesia will have a positive impact on your future life and career. Thousands of people have already gained qualifications and prestigious jobs after completing their studies in this country.


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