Admission to the universities of Ukraine: features of higher education



Admission to the universities of Ukraine: features of higher education

University education in Ukraine is one of the most affordable and best options in terms of price/quality ratio for citizens of different countries of the world. Both foreigners and stateless persons can join the university. There is even the possibility of studying at the expense of the state (without a scholarship), but for this quotas are allocated for certain categories of people:

  • citizens of other states and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine;
  • Ukrainians, citizens of other states permanently residing in Ukraine
  • people with refugee status
  • people who need extra protection.

A separate procedure exists for citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus who do not have a permanent (temporary) residence permit in Ukraine. In their regard, an individual decision is made by the relevant authorities.

Foreigners can receive education conditionally free of charge, for which payment is made by other individuals or legal entities. Every foreigner can get a bachelor's or master's degree. There is a ranking selection procedure for admission to the university. Admission to the university is based on the successful completion of tests in established sciences and the language of instruction. Another option is to continue studying on the basis of academic rights. In this case, the student provides:

  • a document confirming that he has an education in his state;
  • assessments of study.

To join the preparatory courses for the study of the state language and/or the language in which the training takes place, it is necessary to have a complete general secondary education not obtained in Ukraine.

Obtaining a bachelor's degree in Ukraine

The requirements are set by the admission committee. They are published on the official website of the university. In addition to an application for admission to a bachelor's degree, a foreigner provides:

  • document on education (certificate);
  • birth certificate;
  • the passport;
  • medical certificates (not more than 60 days before arrival);
  • bank statement showing the availability of funds in the account. The amount is not less than the cost of 1 year of study at the selected university. Or a letter certified by a notary from an individual / legal entity that undertakes to pay for tuition.
  • medical insurance.
  • 6 color photos 3.5×4.5cm.

Items 1–4 are certified by a notary and must have a Ukrainian translation. Items 1-3 are certified in the country of issue. After arriving in Ukraine, the applicant undergoes a medical examination again.

Admission to distance studying

It is possible to get an education without attending a university. This is called the remote format.

You need to register in the "Electronic Journal" system and receive an invitation. It is valid for 12 months from the registration date. An additional condition is the availability of a student visa to enter Ukraine.

The education system in Ukraine

Most universities have a curriculum divided into 2 semesters in each academic year. For successful education, it is necessary to pass successful exams on time every six months and receive grades not lower than those established for further education. A bachelor's degree can be obtained after 4 years of study. A master's degree can be obtained with subsequent studies after a bachelor's degree for another 1-2 years. Each academic degree is confirmed by the bachelor's thesis or master's thesis defense. But before deciding to enter a university in Ukraine, you should check whether the university can accept foreigners.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, only educational institutions with the IV degree of accreditation and a special license can provide places for studying for foreigners. If the selected educational institution meets these criteria, then you can count not only on education but also on the provision of a place in a hostel.

Thus, rather loyal conditions for education have been created in Ukraine for foreigners and the cost relative to other European countries is not high.

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