Medicine in Armenia: how to come to Armenia for treatment and what types of insurance exist there



Medicine in Armenia: how to come to Armenia for treatment and what types of insurance exist there

Armenia is a mountainous country with a population of about 3 million people. Healthcare in Armenia has been reformed over the past three decades. The country is transitioning from an inefficient model of centralized healthcare to a modern system based on family medicine. The transition to a family medicine model requires the training of new doctors, who are not super-specialists. Organizations such as the Health Initiative for Armenia and the World Bank are working with the Armenian government to improve opportunities for Armenians and foreigners.

Healthcare in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, is at a good level. However, outside of the city, neither the infrastructure nor the medical resources are up to European standards. Therefore it is recommended to take out travel insurance with full medical coverage including evacuation and repatriation.

Please note: it is recommended to wash your hands often, avoid non-bottled water, and the consumption of unwashed or raw fruits and vegetables.

If you are taking medication while visiting Armenia, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the conditions of entry into the country with medication, as in some cases medical documentation will be required.

What you need to know to come to Armenia for treatment

A trip to the Caucasus is an adventure, including in terms of health. It is recommended that you take out health insurance. Make sure you have all the necessary DTPP and MMR vaccinations for children; depending on the conditions of the trip, the following vaccinations may be recommended: typhoid, meningitis, hepatitis A and B, and rabies in case you stay in the countryside or for long stays. 

The problem mainly concerns hospitals, which are faced with an aging infrastructure and a severe lack of resources. In Yerevan, you will find private clinics and competent doctors specified by the embassy, usually speaking a foreign language. If you need to be treated in the province, without the possibility of evacuation, do not be surprised if the doctor estimates the cost of treatment in advance.

In principle, citizens of European Union member states are entitled to free medical care.

Recommended Insurances

Choosing health insurance in Armenia is very important because the medical facilities you will find in the country cannot be called top-notch. Therefore in case of health problems and especially in case of surgery, you will need to transfer to another country or better yet repatriate. Understand that repatriation or relocation costs can be very high and that is why there is valid health insurance in Armenia to fully cover these costs as well as provide you with the help you need.

The healthcare situation in Armenia is gradually improving, but the level of hospital facilities is still inadequate, including due to difficulties in obtaining medications. In particularly serious cases, it may be advisable to return to your country: it is recommended to take out health and medical insurance.

Therefore, if you use medication daily or often suffer from minor ailments, it is preferable to take the medication with you when you travel, putting it in your luggage and declaring it.

If necessary, you can contact local medical facilities by calling +374 60 83 00 or the local toll-free number 8003.


It may be advisable to have Armenian health insurance to provide protection against theft of personal belongings, which is also often recommended for travel to other Asian countries. However, Armenia is a fairly safe country in this respect, and the population is very hospitable. In short, you will feel at home. Of course, insurance against loss of luggage can be helpful, as well as against possible flight delays or cancellations, but the most important insurance that should definitely be present is health insurance.