Benefits of higher education in Myanmar: how to apply for a student visa

Myanmar (Burma)


Benefits of higher education in Myanmar: how to apply for a student visa

The level of education in Myanmar is one of the lowest in the world. However, the government is trying to improve the education system to expand the economic level of the country. There are different types of universities in the country. Some universities offer morning, afternoon, and evening courses. Everything is done to make the study schedule of students flexible. There are also two distance-learning universities here for those who cannot attend a standard educational institution. In such universities, modern technologies are used to facilitate the learning process. Myanmar has several state-of-the-art institutions that offer international degrees.

Advantages of studying in Myanmar

    • It is a tourist country that can introduce you to interesting cultures and traditions.

    • Popular universities offer a high level of educational degrees, which will allow you to get a good job in the world.

    • Myanmar offers many different job opportunities after graduation. The economy here is developing rapidly, so good specialists are needed here.

    • Various scholarships are available to students here, which are an incentive to study.

University programs

Myanmar has both public and private universities. The educational institutions here offer different degrees that you can earn during your studies.

    • Associated degree – a basic certificate for basic educational programs (1 year of study).

    • Bachelor's degree (3-5 years).

    • Master's degree (1-3 years).

    • Doctor of Philosophy degree (from 1 year).

How to get to study in Myanmar

First, you need to find the institution where you want to study. To do this, you should review information about each, and read reviews. Then choose the program that is more convenient for you to study. Next, you need to submit an application to the university and wait for a letter of acceptance into the ranks of students. Now you can open a student visa.

Student visa

To apply for a visa, a student must have:

    • valid passport;

    • 2 color photos (4x6);

    • invitation letter from the educational institution;

    • a certificate confirming finances for travel and training;

    • contacts and data of relatives or acquaintances in Myanmar;

    • confirmation of residence;

    • a certificate issued by the university registry;

    • issued flight tickets;

    • promise to strictly follow all the rules and laws of the country;

Also, in addition to the fact that you will issue a visa, you must take with you on this trip:

- driver's license, if any;

- a copy of the vaccination certificate;

- medical insurance (you can make it on our site);

- your national passport;

- copies of all certificates and statements;

- confirmation of admission to the university.

Student Life

   Student life in the country is quite diverse. Each university tries to make some changes in its way. Many introduce cultural and artistic groups, in which students can participate in a musical choir, or groups of modern music. Students here have the opportunity to travel because even within the country there is something to see. There are also sports and social clubs where you can occupy yourself, participate in competitions, and benefit not only yourself but also others.