Work visa to Belarus: how a foreigner can get a job and what are the prospects



Work visa to Belarus: how a foreigner can get a job and what are the prospects

Tens of thousands of foreigners go to Belarus every year for seasonal and permanent work. The reason for this is not record-high salaries, although they are at a good level here. First of all, it is the ease of processing documents. If in various European countries it takes months to collect the necessary papers, in Belarus it is done in a few days.

There is also a low-income tax here - only 9%.

According to official statistics, Belarus has a low unemployment rate of only 0.5%.

In which areas of the labor market does Belarus lack workers

The easiest-found job in Belarus is in the IT field. There are many technology companies here, and most of them are located in the capital. Every year, they open about four thousand vacancies with a salary of 900 euros per month.

Experienced foreigners are often invited to manage state institutions. For example, a director of an oil refining company can receive a salary of $3,000 or more.

There are also current vacancies for agronomists in the labor market of Belarus. For this, you need to have experience, appropriate education, as well as knowledge of English. Then you can count on a salary in the amount of 1200 dollars.

Popular jobs include construction workers, welders, repairmen, and seasonal workers. Recently, there have been more vacancies in the field of sales, transport, logistics, production, advertising, etc.

The largest number of vacancies was registered in the capital of the country, Minsk.

How can a foreigner get a job in Belarus

The main criterion for employment in this country is compliance with all the employer's requirements. For example, a head of an institution or company must have experience and relevant higher education in this field.

To get a job in Belarus, you need to collect several papers:

1) Work permit;

2) Passport;

3) Power of attorney from the employer;

4) Medical certificate;

5) Passport-sized photos.

As for the work permit, this document is mandatory for all foreign residents who want to work in the Republic of Belarus. The issue of obtaining this document is handled by the employer. He/she must send the necessary documents to the labor committee with an explanation that there were no candidates for the position among the citizens of the country. Next, the following documents are submitted to the Office of Citizenship and Migration:

1) Copy of the employer's passport;

2) Copy of the employee's passport;

3) Receipt for payment of state tax;

4) Work permit in Belarus;

5) Application.

The application can be considered for 15 days. If the decision is positive, you will receive a work permit for up to 1 year.

Important: the employer must sign an employment contract with you and send it to the Citizenship and Migration Office within 30 days.

After that, you need to undergo a medical examination. For this, you will need a referral for a medical examination from the employer, 2 photos of a passport sample, and a passport.

Work visa to Belarus

Citizens of a number of individual countries need a long-term visa (type D) to enter the country for work.

To obtain a document, a foreigner must collect the following documents:

1) Visa application form;

2) One passport-sized photo;

3) Receipt for payment of the consular fee;

4) Foreign passport.

These documents must be sent to a consular office of the Republic of Belarus. The decision is made within 5 days from the moment of application submission. After that, the foreigner must take out health insurance from a local or foreign company.

Work prospects

New companies are constantly opening in Belarus, so it is difficult to remain without a job. In addition, you can count on promotion prospects. After all, you get invaluable work experience abroad. And if you speak English, you will be able to receive new, more promising job offers and a decent income.