Citizenship in Suriname: types of stay in the country

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Citizenship in Suriname: types of stay in the country

Suriname is a small and very colorful country located on the northeastern coast of South America. Economically, the country continues to develop and grow. However, this is an extremely culturally rich and diverse region, the formation of which was influenced by the Caribbean, the United States, India, Asia, and Africa.

The country lives in a calm rhythm. Big cities are modernized. Expats will find many good shops and restaurants with a variety of cuisine and entertainment facilities here. Good healthcare and education are also available. Moving to Suriname is easy. Visa requirements in the country are relaxed. Also, it will not be a problem for foreigners to obtain a permanent residence permit. Here's how to emigrate to this country and remain there - read on.

What you need to do to obtain citizenship

The procedure for acquiring Surinamese citizenship is simple but somewhat time-consuming. In general, there are several main methods in the country, including:

• By birth - that is, children of Surinamese parents (or at least one of them), born in the territory of the state. Also, children adopted within the country can become citizens of Suriname.

• By naturalization. There are three categories: general, in the interests of the state, and by choice. In order to acquire citizenship through general naturalization, it is necessary to have lived in the country for 5 years.

Foreign nationals who decide to move to Suriname for permanent residence typically acquire citizenship through general naturalization.

To begin with, you need to apply for an appropriate visa to enter the country. It can be a tourist, long-term, or work visa. Citizens of certain countries do not need a visa. 

To stay in the country longer - more than 90 days - you need to obtain a temporary residence permit. Later, foreigners have the right to obtain residency. Resident status is valid for up to 2 years and must be renewed. After 5 years of stay, emigrants can finally apply for citizenship by naturalization.

Documents required

Foreign citizens who need a visa to enter the country must submit the following documents:

• visa application form, which must be filled out in Dutch or English:

• valid international passport;

• 3x4 color photo;

• confirmation letter;

• confirmation of reservation or purchase of air tickets;

• confirmation of housing reservation in the country;

• a certificate confirming the payment of the consular fee;

• insurance.

Detailed information about the package of documents should be clarified at the consulate.

In order to extend a visa and subsequently obtain a permanent residence permit, the following documents must be submitted:

• valid visa;

• valid international passport;

• birth certificate;

• confirmation that a citizen or resident of the country vouches for you during your stay in Suriname.

The authorities should also carry out a thorough background check, including financial and police reports.

What are the types of stay in the country

Residents of most countries require a visa to enter Suriname. The visa-free regime is valid only with certain countries. Their list is published on the website of the Embassy of Suriname.

Foreign citizens can obtain the following types of visas, which will allow them to arrive in the country and stay there for a long time:

• tourist card – allowed to residents of 52 countries from the list at the link;

• electronic visa – available to citizens of the countries listed at the following link;

• business or work visa;

• visa for family reunification.

Visas must be obtained from the Suriname embassy or consulate in your home country. There you need to clarify detailed information about the type of visas, documents, and other requirements for entry and stay in the country.

In order to have the right to stay in Suriname longer, you need to extend your visa and obtain a temporary residence permit.

Length  of stay

Foreigners with tourist cards and electronic visas have the right to stay in the country for up to 90 days. The duration can be extended by contacting the consulate.

Some types of visas allow you to stay in the country for up to 180 days. In particular, foreigners of Surinamese origin have the right to obtain a three-year tourist visa. A business or work visa grants a permit to stay in the country for 2 to 24 months.

If a foreign citizen receives resident status, he can live in Suriname for 2 years, and subsequently extend this period.

The country of Suriname has something to surprise tourists and expats. If you still decide to live in this colorful region, prepare carefully for the trip. We recommend that you study the relevant information about the country, find out at consulates, embassies, or immigration services all the details about the conditions and requirements for moving, as well as prepare the necessary documents.