Popular jobs in Nigeria: what are the job prospects and how to get a work visa



Popular jobs in Nigeria: what are the job prospects and how to get a work visa

Nigeria is a country located in the western part of Africa. It is quite densely populated, with an estimated population of over 210 million as of 2020. With such a huge number of people, the government of the country is forced to keep the economy in a viable state. Therefore, most branches of the national economy are developed here. On the other hand, a huge population creates a lot of competition in the labor market. Therefore, few foreign nationals work in Nigeria. The only exceptions are qualified and educated people, whose specialty is in short supply in the labor market.

Structure of the Nigerian economy

Nigeria has large deposits of oil and gas. Therefore, the energy extraction industries are very developed. However, mining is usually carried out by foreign companies that enter into agreements with the government. Therefore, both locals and foreigners work in these industries. But if the locals do simple and unskilled work, then the inhabitants of others are usually qualified equipment maintenance engineers. Therefore, one of the options for getting a job in Nigeria is to find a suitable place in one of the gas or oil companies that produce energy in the country.

In addition, the economy consists of the following sectors:

  • Agriculture. It grows a huge number of plants — cocoa, corn, rice, sorghum, millet, and much more.
  • Industry in addition to oil production in Nigeria, coal, tin, and columbite are mined, and palm oil, cotton, rubber, and many other types of products are produced, which, among other things, are exported.
  • Transport and communications. The country has a network of good roads and railways.
  • Mobile connection. Here it is very developed, and its functionality is maintained in a normal state.
  • International trade. Nigeria's exports are huge. However, to find a good job, you need to be an expert in your field.

Actually, this is a very short list. The economy of Nigeria consists of many directions. Therefore, a good specialist will always find an employer.

Popular jobs for foreign citizens and salaries

Since in Nigeria the average wages for almost all positions are higher than in neighboring African countries, a large number of people are trying to get into this country. But, as a rule, they are engaged in work in the following areas:

Construction. Usually, these are internal and external construction works.

Trade. Foreign men and women usually get jobs in shops or trading floors.

Collection of fruits and vegetables. This is a low-paid job, and mostly foreign women come here.

Mining industry. Occasionally you can find a position in the oil industry. Wages are higher there, but there are very few vacancies.

Below are the average salaries per month for different professions as of summer 2022 in terms of US dollars:

medical worker, doctor — 50-100;

cafe worker, waiter — 25-50;

the construction industry, from an ordinary worker to an engineer — 25-100;

office manager — 40-50;

trade worker, cashier — 30-50;

driver, taxi driver — 40-60.

It should be understood that these prices are not approved. At each enterprise or company, wages are different. Therefore, the amount of payment must be agreed upon with the employer.

Documents for work in Nigeria

There are two ways to find a job in Nigeria - negotiate with the employer yourself or use the services of an intermediary. In the first case, you need to be sure that the employer will be conscientious and fulfill all the conditions. In this case, the visa issue must be dealt with independently. Therefore, the second option is more attractive. To find a job in Nigeria, you need to seek help from an intermediary, fill out an application on the website. The rest of the search work will be done for you.

There are three types of Nigerian work visas — business visa, STR business visa and TWP business visa. They have the same validity period of 3 months. Processing time 2-3 days. The cost of a visa depends on the place of order. The usual price for a visa is $600.

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