Studying in North Korea: how to enter the university and what scholarships students have

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Studying in North Korea: how to enter the university and what scholarships students have

Not only tourists but also potential students are in a hurry to visit North Korea. The quality of education in the country is high, but it is unique. The country has many excellent universities that provide their students with employment and have a high reputation. Living in this country is not expensive, so it is profitable to study here. National culture and traditions are also of interest. And living and studying in this country allows you to get to know them better. Foreign students can also study Korean at universities. The country creates comfortable conditions for studying, which attracts a large number of students.  North Korean universities also have research centers where you can develop and study.

How to enter the university

The university enrollment procedure takes place twice a year: in March and September. For the admission campaign, you only need to submit documents to the university of your choice. Everything is very simple here and there are no complicated admission systems. If you know Korean, it will be your advantage in admission. However, universities set high requirements for their potential students: discipline, a lot of project work, a large number of laboratory work, and practicums. But, if you pass all these, you will have great advantages before applying for a job. Your diploma will be recognized in all countries of the world, and knowledge of English and Korean languages ​​will open many doors for you. New acquaintances with influential people during your studies will allow you to start your own business. In universities, you are required to follow all the rules of conduct, otherwise, you will be expelled and even deported from the country. But such rules give high efficiency of training.

When entering a university, you will be required to provide a certificate for passing English language tests, and your level of knowledge will be determined. Of course, knowledge of the Korean language will be your plus.

Study, accommodation, and scholarship

The advantage of studying in North Korea is that the cost of studying here is the same for everyone: both local students and foreigners.  It all depends on your chosen course and university. The cost of education at a state university is about $4,400, and at a private one - $5,800. Scholarships for North Korean students range from 30 to 100% of the tuition fee. The tuition fee does not include accommodation in a dormitory or on a student campus. To live in a dormitory during studies, it must be booked in advance.  All educational institutions have the best equipment, computers, libraries, and laboratories. Native groups and interesting events are organized for students. You need to pay $300 to $1,300 for living in a hostel, it all depends on the living conditions. You can choose to live in a room with one person or several people and add meals to the cost. If you do not want to live in a dormitory, you can rent accommodation. It will cost you $280-700 per month. Food on campus costs approximately $250-$300 per month. You can use the bus to get around the city. 1 ticket costs $1. Or you can buy a monthly pass for $50.

Visa to North Korea

To go to this country to study, you need to open a visa.  It is best to do this through a professional travel company as it is not easy. North Korea makes many demands and often refuses without explaining the reason. Your travel agent will be able to resolve this. Visa processing takes about a month. The cost is $40.

Documents for visa application:

 • questionnaire with your data;

 • passport;

 • photo 3.5x4.5;

 • invitation from the educational institution;

 • a copy of your national passport;

 • certificate from the educational institution;

 • a certificate on the ability to live and support oneself.

In general, in North Korea, you can get a quality education recognized in many countries of the world. Learning new languages ​​and a new culture will not benefit you.