Work visa to North Korea: job prospects for tourists

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Work visa to North Korea: job prospects for tourists

Today, North Korea is a unique nation that will have no place in the world in 2022. At the same time, it is also the most closed country in the world. Therefore, it is very difficult to learn anything about life in this country.

The only official language spoken in North Korea is Korean. And that fact is not surprising: 99% of the population is purely Korean, while the rest are Chinese and Japanese.

However, almost everyone has heard at some point about how difficult life is in a country led by a dictator, but what are the salaries in North Korea? Can foreigners get a job?


For those accustomed to the freedom and comfort of the civilized world, life and work in North Korea may seem impossible or very uncomfortable. Almost everything is forbidden in this totalitarian state, and what is not is completely controlled.

If anyone does come to work in this country, it is mostly religious missionaries who are hired to teach a foreign language, and most are hired for free or for a small fee.

How do I get a job in North Korea

Foreigners can legally work in North Korea. Visiting North Korea is difficult or impossible (depending on the purpose of the visit) for residents of countries with complex diplomatic relations with North Korea (e.g. the United States, Israel, and South Korea). The procedure is simple and you need a special visa other than a tourist visa to work in Korea.

An invitation from a partner company is required for business trips. If the reason for entry is for employment, you need permission from the company that requires the specialist. As a rule, these are specialists aspiring to become executives, or specialists possessing unique skills and knowledge in demand in North Korea.

To obtain a visa, you will need to contact the Korean consulate and obtain an invitation letter from your employer. If the purpose of your visit is for research work, it is not difficult to obtain a visa.

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A work visa to North Korea for foreigners is a permit to stay in the state for the duration of a contract. It may be granted to persons who travel to North Korea for the purpose of earning an income. To obtain it, the following documents must be prepared:

- Passport and a copy of the previous one;

- Application;

- Autobiography;

- Diploma of education;

- Certificate of employment contract;

- Certificate of criminal record;

- Health insurance;

- Special questionnaire (already filled out);

- 2-4 photos;

- A copy and the original of the permit for the intended work;

- Official letter from the employer about the job offer;

- Information about the job vacancy, earnings, and savings of the applicant.

All documents must be translated into Korean and notarized.

But this is a list of the primary documents that need to be collected. Much more detailed information on how to apply for a work visa in North Korea can be obtained from the specialists. Only they will be able to take into account absolutely all circumstances. Sometimes it is necessary to submit certificates: on the state of mental health of the person, and the value of the property. A personal interview is an essential requirement for obtaining the desired stamp.


North Korea is considered to be one of the world's leading countries in the field of information technology, mobile phone, and car manufacturing and it is a model of a fast-growing economy every year. The unemployment rate is 3.8 percent.

North Korea is considered to be one of the few countries where it is relatively easy to find work in any manufacturing industry. This is due to the huge number of factories in the territory, which naturally creates a demand for labour.

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