Working in Algeria for foreign specialists: how to move to the country for employment and what to know about the labour market



Working in Algeria for foreign specialists: how to move to the country for employment and what to know about the labour market

Algeria is a large country with a well-developed economy, which can offer many opportunities to migrant workers. Qualified specialists have every chance to find a respectable job with a decent income here. The country has a well-developed infrastructure. Also surprising prices for housing, clothes, products, and other services.

Labor migration to Algeria is, foremost, an interesting experience, an opportunity to earn good and at the same time to break into a fascinating local culture. But to be legally working in the country, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations and tips. Therefore, in the article, we have collected useful information for foreigners who plan to work in Algeria.

What you need to do to come to the country for work

First, a foreign tourist should find a job in Algeria to move to the country for employment. After all, the employer must send a permit. You can search for vacancies on different portals and sites, for example:

  • Emploitic  
  • Careers in Africa 
  • CareerJet 

If you cannot find a vacancy on the ads boards, try to apply to international companies working in Algeria, or use the services of employment agencies abroad.

After finding a suitable job, ask the employer to submit a request for a job permit in the country. Then contact the Embassy to apply for a visa. There are two types of visas for employment in Algeria:

  • a working visa for long-term employment;
  • a temporary working visa that allows working in the country for up to 90 days.

You should also take care of medical insurance. We recommend using the services of audited insurance companies, which will tell you what better plan to choose in one or another country.


For legal employment in Algeria, foreign citizens must have:

  • valid foreign passport;
  • work permit;
  • working visa;
  • insurance.

Essential documents 

To obtain a working visa to Algeria, apply to the Embassy the following documents with the application:

  • Passport;
  • Permission to work in Algeria issued by the Algerian Employment Bureau;
  • Request for a working visa to Algeria, sent to the Directorate General for Legal and Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria;
  • Copy of the employment contract;
  • Letter from the employer in which the specified post, travel purpose, and the employer’s obligation to cover the cost of living and the cost of repatriation are to be specified;
  • Insurance;
  • Confirmation of visa fee payment.

Please contact the Embassy in advance for detailed information on the package of necessary documents.


The tax rate on incomes in Algeria is 35percent. According to the requirements, both residents and labor migrants who earn money on the territory of the country are taxed. The capital increase tax for foreigners is 20 percent, and for residents, it is 15 percent.

Before you travel to the country, we advise you to consult a tax advisor and a financial lawyer.

Working prospects

It is difficult to find unskilled jobs in Algeria for foreign citizens. In the country, big competition, and the priority, of course, is always given to local people. However, qualified foreign specialists in the areas required for the local labor market can count on decent vacancies.

The main area in the country is the oil and gas industry. The cities also have well-developed other spheres where specialists can find a good place for themselves. 

For foreigners, vacancies are available in the following areas:

  • construction;
  • engineering;
  • agriculture;
  • medicine;
  • pharmaceutical;
  • education;
  • tourism industry;
  • finance and banking;
  • law;
  • hotel and restaurant industry, etc.

Qualified foreign specialists with experience can apply for more promising jobs and contracts with Algerian companies for 1-2 thousand euros per month or more.

The country also has popular seasonal employment. Often required engineers for industrial projects or for work in factories.

As for wages, the minimum salary amount is about 20 thousand dinars, or 125 euros per month. The average salary in Algeria starts from 41.8 thousand dinars, or 260 euros per month. More skilled professionals or employees in international companies can have much higher incomes.

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