Job prospects and labor market in Jordan



Job prospects and labor market in Jordan

The Middle East is considered to be the world's main supply centre for oil and other energy resources, making labour migration a regular occurrence in the region. However, some countries have smaller reserves of natural resources. Among them is Jordan, whose economy is quite dependent on international support. But the country is actively trying to develop oil fields and tourism. 

Specifics of employment in Jordan

Jordan's labour laws are quite strict towards foreigners. The country is also waging a tough fight against illegal migrants. Such measures are aimed at providing locals with the maximum number of jobs. There is even a whole list of professions not allowed for foreign citizens. For example, it is almost impossible for foreigners to find jobs in management, commerce and medicine in Jordan. The list of available jobs for women is also quite limited.

Labour market in Jordan

The easiest place to find a job will be in Amman, Jordan's capital. After all, this city is the financial and business centre of the country. And it is here that most multinational corporations are concentrated. And their need for more offices and an increase in demand for housing in general has led to a booming construction industry. Today, construction is one of the most promising segments of the Jordanian industry. Employment in this field can be found for skilled engineers and architects, as well as for ordinary labourers.

Jordan is home to many foreign companies operating in the mining industry. After all, the country is one of the largest exporters of phosphate in the world and is among the top ten suppliers of potassium salt (thanks to the waters of the Dead Sea). So working in the mining sector is one of the most common jobs in the country. But the level of competition in this field, especially in oil extraction, is quite high. Therefore, candidates with work experience will be preferred.

Foreigners are likely to find profitable employment in positions where it is possible to work from home. For example, IT workers do not necessarily need to move to Jordan. They can safely stay in their home country with a job abroad. In general, IT professionals are among the most sought-after and highly paid in Jordan. Jordanian IT outsourcing centres, for example, are used worldwide.

The most accessible professions for foreigners in Jordan are related to the tourism sector. In recent years, tourism has become a fairly important source of income for the state budget. The following service and entertainment jobs are the most common in this area:

  • entertainers;
  • waiters;
  • maids;
  • housekeepers;
  • administrators in a hotel;
  • baristas.

Work visa to Jordan

Emigrating to Jordan to work requires a work visa and a work permit. But to get these, you must first find a job and sign a work contract. The Ministry of Labour will then examine in detail the employer's explanation for the need to employ a foreigner instead of a Jordanian citizen. More information on the legal aspects can be obtained during a consultation with a specialist.

The candidate will have to provide documents proving his/her qualifications or work experience, which Jordanian professionals do not have. Incidentally, employers are forced to pay for the foreign worker's permit themselves. Since working abroad usually involves a long period of employment, a Jordanian work visa is issued for the period specified in the contract. But the work permit is only valid for one year. However, it can be constantly extended.