Specifics of employment in Mozambique: requirements for obtaining a work permit



Specifics of employment in Mozambique: requirements for obtaining a work permit

Mozambique is a country in south-eastern Africa with a total area of about three thousand kilometres along the Indian Ocean coast. Almost half of the country is savannah and miombo (so-called light deciduous tree forests). Unfortunately, there is still a very high infant mortality rate and a short life expectancy of the adult population. For these very reasons, the most popular profession in Mozambique is that of a doctor.

Employment of foreigners

Any foreigner who wishes to find a job in Mozambique must obtain a work permit and a residence permit, which in this country is called a 'foreigner's identity document' (DIRE –  identification document of a foreign resident).

A foreign candidate must first apply for a work permit and only then start the process of obtaining a residence permit (as without a residence permit, they will be considered illegal).

Key points to consider when working in Mozambique

Language –  the country was for a long time a Portuguese colony, which of course affected the culture and traditions of the indigenous population, and speaking Portuguese at native level is one of the main requirements for employment in Mozambique. In addition, those who intend to get a job here in their speciality will need to confirm a diploma obtained in another country;

Certification –  the country needs highly qualified professionals. Above all, scientists, medical professionals, teachers and gas professionals are in demand. Those wishing to work in Mozambique as an English teacher will need to provide a TOEFL certificate in addition to a university degree.

Work visa –  employment is only possible after obtaining a work visa. For this, the applicant has to find an organisation willing to provide a workplace. The company will send an invitation letter and already with this document you can issue a work visa.

Requirements for obtaining a work permit

All employment contracts for foreign doctors in the country must be verified by Mozambique's Ministry of Labour. Although, due to decentralisation, provincial labour departments have specific departments to process work permit applications. Important note: the application must be submitted to the province where you most often plan to work.

In order to confirm the employment contract, it is necessary to have:

  • Original and 2 copies of the employment contract (the contract must have a Portuguese translation);
  • A certificate of registration issued by the Medical Council of the country you come from;
  • Certificate of good standing;
  • A copy of your diploma and an insert with your university grades;
  • CV in Portuguese supported by recommendations from clinics or hospitals in the country where the work experience took place;
  • A statement from the active employment centre(s) confirming the employer's efforts to employ a Mozambican resident before offering the job to the foreigner;
  • An opinion from the state office controlling the applicant's field of activity and the necessity of hiring for this position;
  • A request from the United Company Committee (Company Union Committee), in the case of a hospital or clinic.