Tourist visa to Haiti: transport, language and attractions of the country



Tourist visa to Haiti: transport, language and attractions of the country

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Haiti is a very beautiful country, but quite poor. However, this republic has a rich culture and unique traditions. Traveling around the country, you can choose not only resort towns, but also visit rich big cities. The republic is actively developing the tourism industry, building hotels and recreation complexes. This is one of the picturesque countries of the Caribbean. Resorts here are quite expensive, but very beautiful. The main resort is the capital of the country, Port-au-Prince. Here are the most chic hotels, clubs, fashionable shops and restaurants.

Tourist visa in Haiti

In order to go on a trip to this wonderful country, you need to open a visa. You can apply for a visa both at the embassy and upon arrival at the airport. A tourist visa in Haiti is issued for 1 day. The visa processing fee is $5.40. When you leave the country, you will be charged a tax of $25. To issue a visa, you need to submit the following documents:

    • foreign passport (valid for at least six months);

    • 3 photos (3.5x4.5 or 4x6);

    • internal national passport;

    • return ticket with the date of departure;

    • paid border tax;

    • hotel reservation confirmation;

    • a certificate of financial ability to pay for the trip.

Climate and places of interest

The climate in the country is tropical trade wind. There are strong storms on the island from June to November. From time to time there are floods, earthquakes and droughts. When traveling around the country, you should have a first aid kit and a flashlight with you. On the island, the light often goes out, and there are various dangerous situations. It is also not possible to drink water from local reservoirs.

There are many truly remarkable places in the country that will definitely surprise you. In addition to the azure coast and beautiful landscapes, there is a wonderful eco-park "Eyes of Nature". It is also worth visiting the courtyard of Henri I, Labadi Bay, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

Transport and language

To travel around the island, you can hire a driver with a car. It is very convenient, but quite expensive. There are very few road signs on the roads, so locals are better oriented here. You can also rent a car yourself. However, for this you need to have an international driver's license. If you don't have one, you can get them from the transport agency in your country, or apply online. You need to fill out the form, add a photo of your driver's license and wait for confirmation. You can also travel by bus. The cost of one trip is $0.25. This is a convenient and inexpensive way of transportation.

Prices at the resorts here are high, because the tourist places of Haiti belong to the chic resorts of the world. However, people here are very friendly and sociable. They often help in solving various situations and know how to support.

Language and cuisine

The official languages on the island are French and Haitian Creole. French is the official language here, but only 15% of the population knows it. The locals will be very grateful if you can learn some basic phrases in their languages after arriving in the country.

Haiti is a country of contrasts. The cuisine here is very diverse. In the restaurant menu you can find Asian, European and African cuisine. Each of the tourists finds familiar dishes here. In most of the assortment, you can try exotic seafood in various forms.

This island country is quite conservative. Therefore, it is better for women here to choose modest outfits. People here like to be greeted and treated with respect. Tourists often give sweets to children here, and children are very happy about this, because they often help carry luggage.