Childbirth in Canada 2024: benefits, costs and citizenship (updated)



Childbirth in Canada 2024: benefits, costs and citizenship (updated)

Nowadays, more and more future parents are considering giving birth abroad, as this way the child will automatically obtain the citizenship of a new country. Find out more about the benefits, costs, and the procedure for having a child in Canada 2024 to obtain citizenship

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The birth of children in Canada provides an opportunity to guarantee automatic citizenship based on the jus soli principle, which also applies to foreigners. This provides children with stable prospects and broad opportunities in the future. However, certain conditions must be met to achieve this goal.

Obtaining Canadian citizenship for a child by birthright requires that the parents legally enter the country and give birth to the child in its territory. Although this procedure is common among foreigners and is welcomed by the state, organising a trip has its own difficulties. According to statistics, citizens of China, India, the United States and Ireland most often choose Canada to give birth to their children.

Expectant parents must obtain a visitor visa, prove financial stability to cover the costs and prove their ability to return to their home country after the birth of their child. Even a short trip to Canada requires careful preparation and compliance with all the necessary conditions, which are described in more detail in this article.

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Citizenship by birth in Canada 2024

The Canadian Citizenship Act provides for the automatic granting of Canadian citizenship to children born in the country, unless it contradicts the laws of the country of the parents' nationality. However, the child's mother must be legally present in Canada. 

Immediately after the birth of a child, parents are not eligible for citizenship. Instead, they can only apply for a residence permit when their child reaches the age of majority and act as a sponsor. This procedure ensures that a child born in Canada will have Canadian citizenship, but the parents must fulfil certain conditions to be eligible to stay in Canada.

How much does it cost to give birth in Canada in 2024?

For Canadian citizens and permanent residents, medical care is free of charge because they pay taxes. However, foreigners who do not have permanent resident status need to consider the costs of medical services. Before arriving in Canada, they should ensure that they have the financial stability to pay for doctor's fees, accommodation, travel and other expenses.

It is estimated that the cost of childbirth for non-residents is approximately $40,000, which includes all expenses from travel to and from Canada to the cost of medical services.

Prices for childbirth and delivery may vary depending on the clinic and province/territory chosen. It is also important to keep in mind that multiple pregnancies can increase the cost of treatment by approximately 40%.

Therefore, foreigners planning to have a baby in Canada should carefully calculate all costs and plan their finances in advance.

Average prices for childbirth in Canada: 

1. Payment for a doctor who delivers a baby - $1500;

2. 24-hour hospital stay - $2800;

3. Anaesthesia (optional) - $ 590;

4. Paediatrician services - $ 2000;

5. Visit to the doctor before delivery - $118;

6. Medical tests - $ 450;

7. Surgical services if necessary - $395.

Advantages and disadvantages of giving birth in Canada

Canada has the lowest infant mortality rate due to its developed healthcare system.

Other advantages of giving birth in Canada:

1. Family members and close friends can be present during childbirth;

2. Anaesthesia is used only at the request of the woman in labour;

3. Mother and child can be discharged from the hospital on the same day;

4. Each delivery room is equipped with a separate bathroom and the mother can use it 2 hours after delivery;

5. Food is brought directly to the ward;

6. The child is in the same room with the mother.

The disadvantages of travelling to Canada to obtain citizenship for a child by birthright include the rather high cost of medical services and accommodation, as well as bureaucratic difficulties in obtaining a visa.

Planning a childbirth in Canada 2024

To give birth to a child in Canada, foreign nationals need to open a visitor visa, but this requires preliminary preparation and careful planning. Expectant parents must justify the purpose of their visit and document it through several stages. This process requires not only an appropriate approach, but also sending the right message about their intentions.

Choosing a maternity hospital and doctor

The first step in organising childbirth in Canada is to find a maternity hospital and a doctor. To do this, future parents need to choose a province or territory. Toronto and Vancouver are the most common places for foreigners to give birth, but there are also good clinics and hospitals in lesser-known Canadian cities.

Signing a contract with a doctor

Canadian clinic websites always have a list of doctors. But before signing a contract, future parents need to talk to the doctor in person, as some of them do not accept foreigners or do not have free time. Obtaining a doctor's consent and signing a contract is a mandatory requirement when planning a trip to Canada for childbirth.


In order to give birth to a child in Canada, expectant parents must obtain a visitor visa (temporary resident visa). They must create an account on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website and upload the following documents:

1. Visa application form;

2. A valid passport and a copy of it;

3. Information about family members;

4. 2 photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm;

5. Proof of financial support (e.g. bank statement);

6. A signed contract with a doctor explaining the purpose of the trip to Canada;

7. Certificate of no criminal record;

8. A health certificate.

The list can be expanded. After uploading the documents, you will also need to pay a state fee for their review.

Moving to Canada

After obtaining a visitor visa, expectant parents can enter Canada with all the original documents. Before the visit, you need to secure accommodation for the entire period of your stay and confirm this with documents. Some airlines may refuse to fly pregnant women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant, so check this information before buying a ticket. Foreigners who do not speak English are advised to use the services of an interpreter who will accompany them throughout their stay in Canada.

Childbirth and the postpartum period in Canada

In Canada, there are two options for the birth of a child - in a hospital or at home. If the second option is chosen, expectant parents are advised to seek the assistance of a doula, a specially trained support person.

In the case of a hospital birth, the expectant mother is admitted to the labour ward when she begins to have contractions. It is important to note that partner births are popular in Canada, during which not only family members but also friends can be present.

After the delivery, the woman and her baby are transferred to the postpartum ward in 2 hours, during which her condition is checked. Polyclinics offer general wards and "family" wards, where only the mother and the newborn stay - the average price of such a ward is about $300 per day.

Doctors and assistants monitor the condition of the mother and child from the moment of admission to the maternity ward until the mother is discharged. If no health problems are detected, you can leave the clinic in 2-3 days after delivery.

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