When is the best time to go to Turkey: seasonal itineraries, event calendar and Turkey travel guidelines



When is the best time to go to Turkey: seasonal itineraries, event calendar and Turkey travel guidelines

Turkey is a country that you can visit at any time of the year. Find out the best time for a Turkey holiday packages, national holidays and Turkey travel warning

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside your home country

Turkey is a country rich in tourist locations, it has everything: the sea, mountains, historical buildings, sights, oriental flavor, rich culture and delicious cuisine. Therefore, no matter what time of the year a tourist decides to visit Turkey, there is always something to see and where to go.

Due to the diversity of landscapes, the regions of Turkey are not alike. Big cities attract tourists with a rich cultural program and active life, while in small towns and villages bright festivals are held, dedicated to the harvest period of local cultures: olives, grapes, apricots or artichokes.

Before planning a trip to Turkey, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the rules for obtaining a visa to the country. Citizens of more than 100 countries can enjoy all the sights of Turkey without strict visa restrictions.

The period of national holidays in Turkey

The population of Turkey practices Islam. The most important holidays in the country are Kurban Bayram and Ramazan Bayram. The dates of the celebration are determined by the lunar calendar, so they change every year. Usually, Ramazan-Bayram falls on the end of April-May, and Kurban-Bayram is celebrated on the 70th day after Ramazan-Bayram. During this period, the number of tourists in Turkey increases sharply, and with it, the prices for tourist services. Also, some small businesses may be closed on holidays.

High season: from June to August

Summer is the best period for a beach vacation in Turkey. At this time, all connoisseurs of the sea and the sun, both foreigners and local residents, flock to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. We recommend booking a summer trip to Turkey in advance, especially if you plan to visit one of the country's most popular resorts.

In addition to beach holidays, summer in Turkey hosts many lively open-air festivals and exhibitions on the seaside or in historic amphitheatres.

Also, this is a great period for exploring the highlands of the country. In the historical center of Turkey - Istanbul or in the most romantic region of the country - Cappadocia, it can be quite hot in the summer.

April-May and September-October are the time for educational tourism

Spring and autumn are best for sightseeing in Turkey, attending cultural events and hiking.

During this period, good weather persists almost anywhere in the country: the temperature is high enough to take a comfortable walk and sit in an open-air cafe.

In Istanbul and other large cities, this period is rich in cultural events and artistic activities.

In early fall, it's still warm enough for a beach vacation, especially along the Mediterranean coast. There are significantly fewer tourists than in the summer, because many families with children are returning home because the school holidays are already over.

Low season: from November to March

Winter is the high season for ski resorts, but other tourist areas have far fewer visitors and much lower prices. Of course, the weather can be gloomy, but Turkey has a lot to entertain and warm the tourist: numerous museums, palaces and exhibitions will not let you get bored. You can warm up in the Turkish bath - hammam. A cozy evening can be spent in a meyhane (tavern) or ocakbas (grill bar).

Turkish tea and coffee, roasted chestnuts, warm pastries will impress every tourist.

Those who plan a trip to the winter sea should take into account that the weather will be quite mild, but there may be restrictions in the transport schedule and some establishments and cafes may be closed.

You can find out more about winter holidays in Turkey, as well as traditional dishes for the cold season, by following the link.

Calendar of events and weather in Turkey

• January. The height of the ski season in the resorts and mountains of Erjies in Cappadocia, as well as Erzurum, Karsi, Kartepe and Uludag. Istanbul is generally cold, damp and wet, and the coastal resorts are deserted.
Key events: Greek Orthodox Epiphany, Camel Wrestling Championship.
• February. The first rays of spring are beginning to break through the winter chill along Turkey's southern coast. Head to the town of Datcha, home to the annual Almond Blossom Festival.
Key Event: Almond Blossom Festival in Datcha.
• March. Kurdish communities in Turkey celebrate Newroz - the beginning of spring. It's getting warmer in winter Istanbul. Days on the Mediterranean coast can be sunny and warm, but the sea is still cold.
Key events: Newroz, İzmir European Jazz Festival.
• April. Istanbul Tulip Festival - Flowers bloom in many parks throughout the city. It is a good time to go hiking along the Lycian Way and the Carian Trail. Anzac Day, an annual commemoration of Allied soldiers (mainly from Australia and New Zealand) who died on the battlefields of the First World War, takes place in Canakkale.
Key events: Istanbul Tulip Festival, Anzac Day, Istanbul Film Festival, Alaçatı Herb Festival, Urla Artichoke Festival.
• May. All street cafes and rooftop restaurants are already open in Istanbul. It is warm, but not yet hot, on the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. This is a good time to travel to any region of the country.
Key Event: Hıdrellez Spring Festival.
• June. The season of summer festivals in Istanbul is starting. The beaches of Turkey are filled with tourists.
Key events: Istanbul Music Festival, Bursa International Festival, Tekirdaz Cherry Festival.
• July. You can hide from the heat in the mountains of the Black Sea region. In the village of Kuyucak in Isparta and Seferihisar in Izmir, lush lavender fields bloom.
Key Events: Istanbul Jazz Festival, Bosphorus Intercontinental Swim, Istanbul Opera Festival, Bozcaada Jazz Festival, Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Championship.
• August. It's the height of summer vacation, there are many tourists on the beaches. You can take a break from the heat during a gulet (traditional wooden yacht) cruise around the Aegean or Mediterranean coast. In Istanbul, go on a tour of the Bosphorus. Also, August is the best time for hiking in the Kachkar Mountains, which are covered with snow for most of the year.
Key events: Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival, Bodrum Ballet Festival, Ephesus Opera and Ballet Festival.
• September. The sea season in the country continues. Istanbul's event calendar is packed with exhibitions and festivals.
Key events: Istanbul Biennial (contemporary art exhibition), Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, Istanbul Bosphorus Cup Regatta.
• October. It is still warm in Cappadocia and on the sea coast, although the main tourist season is winding down, the number of tourists is decreasing, as are the prices.
Key events: Republic Day, Cappadocia Ultra-Trail, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.
• November. The rainy season is starting all over Turkey, so it's a great time to explore Turkey's museums.
Key events: Istanbul Marathon, Istanbul Theater Festival, Istanbul Puppet Festival, Bursa Puppet Theater Festival.
• December. The fabulous chimneys of Cappadocia look even more otherworldly under the cover of snow. In the city of Konya, a week-long festival is held, which is dedicated to the death of Mevlana, a Sufi mystic and poet (better known in the West as Rumi).
Key event: Mevlana festival in Konya.

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