Egypt's Most Attractive Summer Destinations: what to visit



Egypt's Most Attractive Summer Destinations: what to visit

Are you planning a summer vacation? An unforgettable vacation on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt will not leave anyone indifferent! Learn more about the best places to stay in Egypt and top locations

Insurance policy - the key to your safety and peaceful stay in Egypt
Insurance policy - the key to your safety and peaceful stay in Egypt

Egypt is known all over the world for its breathtaking desert landscapes, ancient architecture, warm sea and unique culture, which is a mixture of African, Middle Eastern and Arabic traditions. There is a lot to see in the country, so tourists planning a summer vacation are advised to pay attention to this fabulous place.

Summer in Egypt is a low season for tourism. The weather is generally hot throughout the country, with almost no precipitation. However, the summer months offer a variety of activities for all tourists: explore the Gebel Elba National Park, get lost in one of the many bazaars in Cairo or enjoy a day on the Red Sea beach in El Goun.

What is worth visiting in Egypt in summer? Read in our material.

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How is the weather in Egypt in summer?

Egypt is a large country, but, despite this, most of its territories have the same weather conditions. The summer season starts at the end of June and ends in August.

Summer weather in Egypt:

In Cairo, the capital of Egypt, the maximum temperature reaches 35 °C and the minimum - 20 °C. There is virtually no rain during this period, with June averaging less than one day of total rainfall, and the rest of the month having zero chance of precipitation.

The temperature is higher in the south of the country. In the city of Aswan, located along the Nile River, the temperature ranges from 24°C to 41°C.

Why should you visit Egypt in the summer?

Fewer tourists. Most people prefer winter holidays in Egypt. Therefore, travelers who come here in the summer months can expect the absence of crowds of tourists, short queues at the main tourist spots and more affordable prices.

No rain. Rainfall in the summer in Egypt is extremely rare. This will make it easier for you to explore the main sights. However, do not forget that the temperature can be quite high, especially during the day.

Celebrations. On July 23, the country celebrates the Day of the Revolution of 1952. On this day, military parades and large-scale concerts are held in the state. The Coptic New Year is celebrated on September 11. Egyptians commemorate this day with red dates, which symbolize the sacrifice of martyrs.

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The most popular destinations in Egypt in summer

Cairo is a city with a rich culture, it can be considered a crossing point of the African, Arab and Middle Eastern worlds. Cairo is home to several museums, bazaars and one of the most famous sights in the world - the Giza pyramid complex.

In the summer, there are usually far fewer tourists in Cairo. Take this opportunity to learn about local culture by visiting Khan el-Khalili or enjoying a food tour.

Evening is the perfect time for a Nile cruise and sightseeing tours.

Once home to the largest library in the ancient world, Alexandria is now one of Egypt's most beautiful cities. There are several museums, stunning beaches and a number of ancient architectural structures worth exploring.

A trip to Alexandria is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in history. Here you'll find ancient Roman theaters dating back to 332 BC, as well as more modern buildings such as Ras el Tin Palace, built in 1847.

Alexandria is a Mediterranean port city. There are many beaches in the city, don't forget to visit them.

Wadi el-Washwash is a stunning natural monument located in the mountains of South Sinai, about 15 kilometers from Nuweiba. This place is perfect for those who want to spend time in nature and escape the hot summer temperatures of Egypt. What to see? Color Canyon, Vishwashi Canyon and Ananda Camp.

What to visit in Egypt in summer?

Nile cruise is one of the best excursions to visit during your summer vacation. The route will pass such historical sites as Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings and the temple at Kom Ombo.

Sea holidays - Egypt has many stunning beaches such as Naama Bay, Dahab Lagoon and El Gouna. The northern coast of the country is the best place for surfing.

Desert Camping – Some of the best places to camp in Egypt are the White and Black Deserts. Only 30 kilometers apart, these two deserts boast stunning scenery.

Relax on a local beach, spend the night camping in Ras Mohamed National Park, or simply explore the local culture in small towns like Dahab and Abnoob. No matter what you decide to do, your trip to Egypt will be filled with fabulous experiences. Spend your summer holiday in Egypt!

Photo: © Larisa Shpineva / Getty Images

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