The most sought-after jobs in Portugal in 2024 (updated)



The most sought-after jobs in Portugal in 2024 (updated)

Are you considering Portugal as a permanent place of residence? This country offers excellent employment opportunities for foreigners. Find out more about what the labour market looks like and which jobs are the most sought after in Portugal in 2024

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Portugal is a country that not only fascinates with its beauty, but also offers many job opportunities for everyone, regardless of their language level. One of the key advantages of employment in Portugal is that the country is open to foreign workers seeking employment and intending to obtain a residence permit. There are many vacancies offered to foreigners, and Portugal welcomes those who wish to start a new stage in their career in this country.

According to statistics, expats from Brazil, Ukraine, China, Romania and Spain are the most commonly employed in Portugal.

Labour market in Portugal in 2024

The situation on the labour market is different for English and Portuguese speakers, as language skills requirements can have a significant impact on the choice of jobs.

For Portuguese-speakers, there are ample opportunities in the fields of architecture, accounting, engineering, medicine and law. In addition, there are numerous vacancies in IT and software, especially in Lisbon, where the start-up industry is developing rapidly.

The rapid development of the start-up sector in Lisbon has led to an increase in demand for English-speaking staff. In addition, the tourism industry, especially in Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve, is constantly looking for English-speaking workers as tourism in these regions is at its peak.

There are many employment opportunities for foreigners who intend to obtain a residence permit in Portugal. This is especially true for those who are fluent in English, which opens the door to a variety of jobs in different fields.

Regardless of your language preference, Portugal offers a variety of employment opportunities that will meet the needs of different candidates. Be prepared for a variety of work and language learning options that can help you advance your career in this country.

Where to look for jobs in Portugal for foreigners?

It is easy to find jobs in the IT, tourism and hospitality sectors, as well as in international companies and language schools. Many positions require a high level of English, so native speakers have a significant advantage. Speaking additional European languages such as Spanish or French can also be an important bonus.

Portugal is home to many large international companies, including Google, Amazon and Uber. To work for these companies, it is important to have a university degree and excellent communication skills.

Language schools are also looking for teachers of English and other European languages, making Portugal an attractive destination for language learning and teaching. Thus, proficiency in English and other European languages opens up wide employment opportunities in various industries in Portugal.

Let's take a look at the most popular professions for foreigners in Portugal:

1. Web developers (backend and frontend);

2. Sales representatives;

3. Waiters;

4. Bartenders;

5. Customer support agents;

6. Team leaders;

7. Support for online games;

8. Real estate agents;

9. Interpreters and translators;

10. Accountants;

11. Project managers;

12. Mobile testing engineers;

Remember: Many companies are looking for people who speak German, French or Spanish, for example. In Portugal, it is a definite plus if you can speak and write two or more languages.

Popular jobs in Portugal in 2024

Before you start packing your bags, let's talk about what professions are in demand in Portugal. You'll find plenty of jobs that value your soft skills: communication, problem-solving, and technical savvy.

Don't speak Portuguese? No problem! Many of these roles welcome native speakers of English, German, Dutch and other languages. And remember, your job search toolkit should include online listings, local newspapers, job fairs, and maybe a little networking to uncover those hidden gems.

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Customer service

Working in customer service in Portugal is considered a great option for expats and foreign workers with strong communication skills. Not only does this field offer opportunities for career growth and promotion within the company, but it can also lead to higher salaries in the future.

With the development of the Portuguese economy and the growth of international business, there are more and more vacancies in the customer service sector.

Although the qualification requirements for these positions may vary, some key skills are highly valued, including:

1. High level of communication: the ability to communicate effectively and empathise with customers will help you succeed;

2. Patience and a positive attitude: staying calm and optimistic is important when dealing with difficult situations;

3. Problem solving: the ability to quickly analyse a situation and find solutions for customers is essential;

4. Technical skills: knowledge of the technologies used in the industry can be helpful;

5. Training and certification: some positions may require special training, but often the company provides training to its employees.

Although many vacancies in this field require knowledge of European languages, Portuguese is not always mandatory, which gives other foreigners the opportunity to receive interesting job offers as well.

Job titles to look out for: Customer support, customer service agent, customer representative.


There is a growing demand for sales positions in Portugal, as many international companies are expanding their operations and looking for new employees, even among those without work experience or Portuguese language skills. This opens up great career opportunities for those with strong interpersonal skills, regardless of their level of language proficiency.

Key skills valued in sales include the following:

1. Strong communication skills: the ability to communicate effectively and convey the value of products or services to customers is crucial in establishing relationships and increasing sales;

2. Persuasion and negotiation skills: it is important to be able to convince potential customers and achieve sales goals;

3. Stress tolerance and optimism: the ability to maintain a positive attitude and keep working towards a goal despite rejection is an important part of a successful sales career;

4. Industry knowledge: understanding the products or services helps you communicate effectively with customers and answer their questions;

5. Training and certification: some roles may require specific sales training or certification, but companies often provide training for their employees.

Success in sales depends on the ability to build relationships with clients, follow through on results, and a willingness to learn and grow in the field.

Positions to look out for: Sales representative, recruitment consultant, business development manager

Digital Marketing

Portugal is becoming an increasingly attractive place to develop a career in digital marketing. Thanks to the country's young and energetic workforce, the sector is growing rapidly, offering numerous opportunities for those who want to engage in digital strategy and promote products and services online.

Portugal's economic growth is driving business development and an increase in the number of companies looking for digital marketing professionals. Digital campaigns are becoming more and more popular among businesses as they help to increase sales and attract more customers online.

Depending on your role and industry, a variety of skills and qualifications may be required in digital marketing:

1. A university degree in marketing or communications can be useful for a basic understanding of marketing strategies;

2. Digital marketing and analytics certifications, such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, or Facebook, will help to showcase your skills in SEO, social media, and data analysis;

3. In-depth knowledge of social media and its optimal use is an important aspect of working in digital marketing;

4. Skills in creating quality content, backed by certifications in Adobe Creative Suite or Canva;

5. Knowledge of digital marketing trends and technologies, as well as practical experience in this field, will help you stand out from the competition and achieve success.

Job titles to look out for: Digital marketing specialist, media optimisation specialist, internet marketing expert, campaign analyst 

Technical support

Portugal offers excellent opportunities for tech professionals, and the good news is that you don't have to speak Portuguese. Technical support roles are indeed in high demand, and this makes them attractive to many candidates looking for new challenges and opportunities for development.

Here are some key aspects that are important to consider if you want to work in this field:

1. Technical knowledge: understanding of hardware, software and operating systems;

2. Industry certifications: obtaining certifications in networking, cloud computing, or cybersecurity will highlight your qualifications and experience in the relevant field;

3. Communication skills: The ability to explain complex technical concepts in simple language is an important part of your job;

4. Problem solving: The ability to solve technical problems quickly and efficiently will help you become a valuable member of a technical support team;

5. Customer service: the ability to create a positive customer experience and proactively communicate with customers are essential elements of a successful career in this field.

With these skills and training, you will be able to develop and advance in the field of technical support in Portugal.

Job titles to look out for: Technical support advisor, IT helpdesk representative, IT support specialist


Over the past five years, Lisbon has become a real startup mogul. These impressive changes have attracted a lot of talented people from all over the world to Portugal, especially those who prefer to work in the IT sector. The IT industry has become a significant player in the Portuguese corporate market, and it generously opens its doors to English-speaking professionals.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in IT, here are some tips that may be useful to you:

1. Appropriate level of education: A degree in computer science or information technology is a great starting point;

2. Certifications from reputable companies: obtaining certifications from recognised companies such as CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco or Amazon Web Services can prove your knowledge of networking, cybersecurity, cloud computing or programming;

3. Technical knowledge: a deep understanding of hardware and software, as well as programming and database management skills, will be extremely beneficial to your career;

4. Effective communication: it is important to be able to explain complex technical concepts in simple language to be successful in this field;

5. Experience: even if your previous experience is not directly related to IT, it can add valuable skills and knowledge.

All these aspects together create the perfect base for a successful career in the IT industry in Lisbon. Are you ready to join this exciting game?

Job titles to look out for: IT support analyst, IT team leader, IT analyst, IT and business consultant.

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