Jobs for foreigners in Portugal: everything you need to know and popular vacancies



Jobs for foreigners in Portugal: everything you need to know and popular vacancies

Those who intend to travel to Portugal and obtain a residence permit there need not worry too much, as there are many employment opportunities for foreigners in Portugal. Find out more about what the Portuguese labor market looks like today, popular vacancies for expats in Portugal, and whether you need a work visa to get a job

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The Portuguese labor market is actively developing and becoming more and more friendly for foreigners. Currently, there are about 660,000 migrants living in the country, who make up 3% of the total number of state employees. Citizens of the USA, Brazil, China, South Africa and Great Britain predominate among expats. Most foreigners choose Portugal to move, because the country has favorable living conditions, a good climate, rich culture, delicious cuisine and a promising labor market for expats.

What jobs are available for foreigners in Portugal? Let's talk further.

What does the Portuguese job market look like today?

Many technology companies based in Portugal, whose number is increasing almost every minute, accept workers from all over the world. Finding a job in a more traditional industry without knowing Portuguese can be a bit difficult. That is, the job market in Portugal is different for those who only speak English and those who speak Portuguese or any other language.

1. Jobs for foreigners in Portugal who speak Portuguese

Foreigners who speak Portuguese will have more opportunities for employment in Portugal for highly qualified jobs: architect, accountant, engineer, doctor and lawyer.

2. Vacancies for English speakers in Portugal

- Work in an international company

Thanks to the increase in the number of international companies in Portugal, it is becoming easier for expats to find work. The state is home to market giants including Google, Amazon and Uber. In order to get a job here, you need to know English, knowledge of other European languages will also be a significant plus. To work here, you usually need to have a diploma of higher education.

- IT and software industry

In Lisbon, there are many vacancies for developers in the IT and software industries, and job opportunities in marketing are increasing.

- Employment in young companies

In the last five years, Lisbon has become a hub for startups, thereby expanding the number of opportunities for English-speaking foreigners.

- Tourism and hospitality

Working in real estate and tourism has long been a popular option for expats. Restaurants, bars and hotels are always looking for English-speaking people, especially in Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve, where tourism is at its peak. For hospitality companies, English is a must. However, as most Portuguese speak English quite well, it would be a significant advantage to know other languages such as French, Spanish or German, they are highly valued in this field of work.

- Work in support centers.

There are many call centers in Portugal. Getting a job here is quite simple, because you don't need any special qualifications.

Among the requirements is to know English, any additional language is a plus. The second requirement is to be stress-resistant.

Call centers are mostly concentrated in Lisbon and Porto. Here are a few of the biggest:

Connecta Group is one of the most famous customer support centers in Portugal, which employs about 400 specialists. Looking for Portuguese, English and Spanish speaking employees. You can apply directly on their website.

Teleperformance is a worldwide call center with offices in Lisbon, Porto, Setúbal and Convillana. You can also find a job on the website and filter depending on the language: Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Russian, German.

TAP Air Portugal;



- Language schools

You can teach English in educational institutions all over Portugal, it can be both teaching groups of students or schoolchildren, and private lessons. To increase your chances of getting this job, it's a good idea to take the TOEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language course before you move. The biggest English language schools in Portugal recruiting are: British Council, Oxford School, Wall Street English and Royal School of Languages.


- Season work

In the summer season, there is a significant shortage of English-speaking workers in Portugal. For example, many hostels, hotels, surf camps and restaurants in the Algarve will compete for older workers, especially those who speak English well.

Also, if you are looking for a summer job that will allow you to spend your free time exploring the city and relaxing on the beach, you may want to consider working in one of the many call centers headquartered in Portugal.

Popular vacancies for expats in Portugal

In Portugal, there is a great demand for the following workers:

- Web developers (backend and frontend);

- Sales representatives;

- Waiters;

- Bartenders;

- Customer support service agents (not only in call centers, but also in multinational companies);

- Team leaders;

- Specialists in online game support;

- Real estate agents;

- Translators (oral and written);

- Accountants;

- Project managers;

- Mobile test engineers.

Jobs for digital nomads in Portugal

Today, many remote workers find the prospect of combining freelancing and living in Portugal extremely attractive, as you can work flexible hours and explore the magical country. A special digital visa has even been developed for this category of foreigners.

The following vacancies are available in Portuguese companies:

- Marketing;

- Graphic design;

- Management of social networks;

- Copywriting and content creation;

- Translator.

How to find jobs in Portugal for foreigners?

Most foreigners search for a job in Portugal via the Internet on the following sites: LinkedIn, Indeed, Hays (in Portuguese), Jobs in Lisbon, Top Language Jobs, Learn4Good, Glassdoor, Net Empregos (in Portuguese), Empregos Online (in Portuguese).

What are the working conditions and salary in Portugal?

Full-time work in Portugal is 8 hours or 40 hours per week.

As of January 1, 2023, the minimum wage in Portugal is 760 euros per month. The average is 1,100 euros per month. Such salaries will be relevant for the field of tourism and hospitality and customer service centers. However, there are enough positions that have a higher monthly salary.

Do you need a work visa to work in Portugal?

 EU citizens have the right to work in Portugal without a visa. Representatives of other countries of the world must obtain a visa and work permit before moving to the Portuguese Republic. The procedure and package of documents depends on the expat's citizenship and chosen job.

The consultation of a highly qualified lawyer will help you assess your chances of employment in Portugal, find out about the necessary permits and prepare the necessary package of documents for moving.

The editors of Visit World recommend using the Work Guide for Portugal for a comfortable and safe trip.

The guide is a detailed written document that contains basic advice on obtaining a visa, crossing the border, getting a job, citizenship, and much more. More details at the link.

Products from Visit World for a comfortable trip:

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