Health insurance for foreign employees in Germany

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Health insurance for foreign employees in Germany

Having insurance is a mandatory condition for living in Germany. The state authorities take the healthcare system seriously and responsibly, so all citizens and expats should take all necessary measures to ensure proper health insurance. Find out more about the features and benefits of insurance for foreign employees in Germany

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Germany is a highly developed country with a stable economy. Hundreds of thousands of foreign workers choose this country for employment. And this is not surprising, as salaries in Germany are above average and working conditions meet international standards. In addition, foreign workers are attracted by broad career prospects. Having health insurance will cover medical bills in case of any accident or emergency.

The need to obtain health insurance for foreigners in Germany

Health insurance is a prerequisite for official employment in Germany. This country has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Therefore, purchasing insurance is a wise and profitable investment. 

Not only foreign employees, but also all persons who wish to reside in Germany for a long time, must have health insurance. According to German law, foreigners are automatically entitled to public insurance. Foreign employees can use the services of private insurance companies if their income exceeds 66 thousand euros per year.

Obtaining private health insurance is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa for foreign workers. After that, you can apply for public insurance. There are many online calculators that allow you to calculate the cost in detail and choose the best type of health insurance.

Private health insurance in Germany

Public insurance in Germany will cover most of the medical needs of foreign workers. However, private health insurance is also popular. Private Krankenversicherung (PKV) is available to employees with an income above 66 thousand euros per year, as well as freelancers and students. In addition to basic services, these plans also offer many additional features:

1. Individual program. When applying for private health insurance, foreign workers can choose different plans according to the price and range of available services

2. Services of private medical institutions. Private health insurance provides access to a wide network of medical service providers, as well as to facilities with English-speaking services

3. Additional insurance. All foreign employees can take out private insurance as a supplement to their state policy. This will expand the list of available services and benefits

4. Expanded opportunities. Holders of private health insurance policies can take advantage of additional hospital services and dental examinations

Important! Not all private health insurance providers cover the costs of pregnancy care. Public insurers always cover pregnancy.

To choose the best insurance program, foreign workers can contact different insurance companies to compare their range of services, tariff plans and costs. On Visit World, you can purchase an insurance policy from reliable and trusted insurance agents. You will receive such benefits as round-the-clock support from consultants, the possibility of online registration and a 100% payment guarantee.

The range of public health insurance services for foreign employees in Germany

All foreign employees whose annual income is below 66 thousand euros are required to obtain a state health insurance policy.  Its cost is 14.6% of the salary. The employer covers half of this amount. 

There are currently more than 97 public insurance providers available. They all offer the same range of services, but may have some additional services. Foreigners will have the same rights to health care as German citizens. Once a foreign employee is registered in the public taxpayer system, he or she will automatically receive a Versichertenkarte health insurance policy.

The state health insurance policy provides access to the following services:

1. Inpatient treatment in a hospital;

2. Outpatient treatment in an outpatient clinic;

3. Purchase of prescription drugs;

4. Psychiatric rehabilitation;

5. Emergency dental treatment;

6. Pregnancy.

International health insurance in Germany

Citizens of the European Union countries can use the health insurance of their home country when visiting Germany. This is possible thanks to the signed social security agreements between EU member states. The current medical plan will remain unchanged. 

Thus, all foreign employees in Germany are entitled to enjoy the benefits of living in this country, including the developed healthcare system. Expats can take out a private or public health insurance policy, depending on their income level and the range of services they need. Read more about how to take out a health insurance policy in Germany and what risks it covers in our article.

Daria Rogova, Head of Insurance at Visit World

To move, travel or work safely in a new country, you will need health insurance. You can apply for an extended policy on our website here.

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