Best unusual Christmas Holiday Getaways



Best unusual Christmas Holiday Getaways

It's at Christmas when light illuminations, the aroma of mulled wine, and warm family gatherings intertwine into an amazing cocktail of festive atmosphere. If you're tired of the usual feasts with relatives, this article will help you find unique opportunities for winter holidays. Learn more about unusual places to celebrate Christmas

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Christmas vacation is a time of miracles and festive atmosphere. But what if you're tired of the traditional celebration in your hometown? The top unusual cities for Christmas weekends offer unique and unforgettable experiences that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. Let's travel the world and find out where you can find this unique Christmas atmosphere!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona impresses not only with its Gaudi architecture but also with its unique holiday traditions. Christmas markets and festivals are located all over the city, but a special gem is the Sagrada Família, which takes on a magical look with Christmas illumination.

La Fira de Santa Llúcia is one of the oldest Christmas fairs in Europe, which takes place on the Cathedral Square. Here you will find Christmas decorations, souvenirs, traditional Catalan toys and other goods. Plaça Catalunya turns into a fairy-tale world with the main Christmas tree, glowing lights and a merry holiday atmosphere. Street theaters, concerts, artists and Christmas decorations create an impressive holiday atmosphere. The festive illumination around the Montjuïc Fountain creates a magical look, and the performances of light and music make this place unbeatable for evening strolls.

Tallinn, Estonia

The Old Town of Tallinn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, turns into a real fairy-tale wonder during Christmas. Street fairs featuring local craftsmen create an atmosphere of medieval-style celebrations.

The Christmas market on Raekoiaplatsi Square is the perfect place for fun and shopping. Here you will find Christmas gifts, sweets, hot drinks and traditional dishes. Festive illumination in the Old Town: street lights, decorated shop windows and Christmas lamps create a fairy-tale atmosphere in this medieval city. Take a look back in time and join in the traditional festivities at the Estonian Museum, which displays artifacts of Estonian history and culture. Join the fun at the ice rink in Vabaduz Square. Try traditional dishes such as herring, sausages and roasted cabbage, which are often served during the festivities at local restaurants. Many theaters offer special Christmas performances and concerts to cheer you up.

Colmar, France

Colmar is famous for its amazing and fabulous architecture. There are fairs here where you can find handicrafts and traditional dishes. The city is also famous for its huge "advent calendars" - large windows that open every day, showing tourists holiday exhibitions.

The Colmar Christmas Market is one of the most famous Christmas markets in the region, located at the Place Jeanne d'Arc market. Here you can buy Christmas gifts, local crafts and delicacies. Christmas illuminations in Little Venice: street canals decorated with festive illumination create an incredible festive mood. The Saint-Nicolas Christmas Market is located in the vicinity of Saint-Martin Church and offers an authentic Christmas atmosphere where you can taste traditional Alsatian food and drinks. Visit the Toy Museum in Colmar, which features Christmas toys and traditional crafts. Stroll through the beautiful Petite Venetie Park, where you'll see spectacular views of the Christmas illuminations.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia celebrates Christmas with an impressive number of light installations and parades. Light shows, huge toy rabbits, and carnival processions create an unrivaled holiday atmosphere.

Visit the Christmas markets that are located in the central parts of the city. Here you can buy Christmas gifts, local products, delicacies and various crafts. The Lluza in Valencia impresses with its Christmas illumination and decoration. It is a great place for a romantic walk or a family weekend. The city center impresses with its majestic festive decorations, illuminated streets and Christmas trees. The City Hall and the Cathedral are especially beautiful during the holidays. Check out the holiday events that may be taking place at the Museum of Art and Science. Concerts, performances and plays can be a great addition to your holiday mood.

Try local Christmas food and drink at traditional restaurants. Paella, turron and hot chocolate with monastery cookies are just a few examples. Valencia offers a variety of concerts and festive events to help you enjoy the holiday atmosphere. The Parc Gülvers is decorated with festive illumination, creating a magical light landscape.

Prairie Village, Canada

Prairie Village in Canada offers a unique winter experience. Each house in the village turns into a lantern, and sledding, dog sledding, and rides make this place ideal for a family Christmas vacation.

Visit the city's main streets and sites, which are decorated with festive illumination and Christmas decorations. Take a stroll along the streets to enjoy the atmosphere of the light festival. Check out the Christmas fairs and markets where you can buy local gifts, Christmas decorations, and goodies. If you enjoy winter sports, Preyrie Village can offer skiing, sledding or ice skating at its local rinks.

Try local Christmas food and drinks in the cozy restaurants or cafes. Hot drinks, sweets and traditional dishes can be a real treat. Check the local event schedule for Christmas concerts, festivals, and other holiday activities that might interest you. Visit nature reserves or parks for winter walks and enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered landscapes.

Antwerp, Belgium

In Belgium, Christmas is celebrated in the style of a fairy-tale festival. The Ice Festival, where sculptors turn huge depths of ice into real works of art, and fire shows on the water make the holidays unforgettable.

Visit the Christmas markets located throughout the city. Here you can buy Christmas gifts and souvenirs, as well as taste traditional Belgian food and drink.Have fun at the ice arena, where you can go skiing or ice skating. It's a great way to have fun with family and friends. In the evening, take a stroll through the city streets and enjoy the magical holiday illumination and Christmas decorations.

Visit local museums and galleries that may have special Christmas exhibitions and events. Check the posters of local theaters and concert events. Christmas plays and musical events can be a great addition to the holiday atmosphere. If you're traveling with children, look out for special events and attractions for kids, which may include puppet theaters and play areas.