Outdoor recreation: the best campsites in the UK

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Outdoor recreation: the best campsites in the UK

Traveling with a tent, enjoying the outdoors, cooking in absolute unity with nature... What could be better for your active summer vacation? Find out more about the best campsites in the UK where you can enjoy nature and relax your body and mind

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Every year, camping is becoming more and more popular among tourists, offering an eco-friendly vacation that saturates with emotions and inner resources. British resorts are ideal for this type of vacation.

What is the peculiarity of camping? First, you are not just in the woods, but in a well-equipped area with all the amenities, from outdoor showers to field kitchens. Secondly, such areas are usually guarded, which guarantees safety. Finally, you will be surrounded by people who share your passion and love for nature.

In the UK, camping areas are often paid for. Renting a site or tent will cost about $15-40 per night. Although you can find cheaper options, they may be less comfortable. Where to go on such an eco-vacation?

In the previous article, we told you how to organize a tent trip and where the best campsites in Europe are located.

1. Holden Farm Camping, Hampshire 

Family camping in the South Downs National Park is the exact opposite of what we think of as tent camping. Although you are in the middle of nature, your comfort is as good as any hotel. 

Here you can enjoy hot showers, clean drinking water, a full kitchen with all the amenities, electricity, and outdoor seating without feeling any inconvenience. And there is even more fun for children here - they can see deer and sheep on a local farm, enriching their experience of adventure in this wonderful place.

2. Secret Shelters, East Sussex 

It's not just a tent, but a real nest in the middle of nature, striking in its uniqueness. British designer Jason Tolley has turned an ordinary tent into an amazing structure - a “tree tent”. 

Located on sturdy oak trees in an ancient forest, this flying round house will delight anyone who has ever dreamed of an unusual home. Inside, it comfortably accommodates two adults and one child, and thanks to modern technology, there are even comfortable beds. And if you decide that you don't want to leave this magical place, Jason Tolley is ready to build you your own custom nest, making your fantasies come true.