How to go to study in Australia: necessary documents and visas



How to go to study in Australia: necessary documents and visas

Hundreds of thousands of students dream of studying in Australia – this is the country where you can get a coveted education with excellent prospects and perfectly learn English. At the same time, education in Australia takes place in an informal atmosphere, without coercion. Students get unreal pleasure from studying and living in the country and refuse to return home.

From this material, you will learn how to enter a higher education institution in Australia and what is needed for this.

Features of academic culture in Australia

In Australia, it is easy and carefree to study – no one here forces you to cram educational materials and attend lectures. All that is expected of the student is the responsibility for their decisions. Of course, initiative students are always encouraged by all sorts of scholarships and grants.

Enrollment in a university in Australia

Australia's higher education system is divided into universities, vocational and further education colleges, and independent colleges. 

Important: universities in Australia can be entered only after a full 12-year education. This means that after school it will not be possible to enter – you must either study in your country for another year or go to school in Australia. There are public and private schools, and the cost of education ranges from 6 to 8 thousand dollars per year.

You can also enter the preparatory program at the university. Usually they are created specifically for foreigners and last 1 year. This makes it possible to successfully pass entrance exams and learn English (for non-native speakers). To do this, you need to have a certificate of complete secondary education, and pass the English proficiency test by at least 5 points (for IELTS) or 500 points (for TOEFL). Usually, after this program, you are enrolled automatically to study for a bachelor's degree at your chosen university.

In higher educational institutions you can get bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees. There are also programs for which you can get various diplomas and qualifications for higher and vocational education. They are all recognized all over the world.

To enter an Australian university, you need to pass exams for obtaining a certificate of graduation from high school, a High School Certificate. Another way to get an Australian education: study for 1-2 years in the university of your country, and then transfer to the 1 or 2nd year of an Australian higher education institution.