Permanent residence in the UK: mistakes and the best ways to get citizenship

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Permanent residence in the UK: mistakes and the best ways to get citizenship

Great Britain is one of the most developed countries in the world. It attracts not only tourists but also potential citizens. Although becoming a citizen of this first-world country is not so easy. England is actively developing in the direction of tourism and attracts even more people. Nevertheless, the system of admitting new citizens to its ranks is becoming stricter. Statistics show that the country rejects almost 40% of applications. The reasons are an incomplete package of documents or incorrect submission, the presence of a criminal record, or any trouble with the police. If you have been outside the country for a long time, you may also be denied.

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What are the benefits of UK citizenship?

The procedure for obtaining citizenship in this country is quite complex and requires a lot of effort and the necessary documents. And even so, there are still many who want to live and work here. After all, becoming part of the UK you get a wide range of benefits.

You can have dual citizenship (you do not need to give up your country to become a UK citizen).

You have the right to travel around the EU without any obstacles.

You have advantages when hiring here and in the EU.

And you have the right to vote in the country on an equal footing with other citizens.

Great benefits, but with the complexity of the system of receiving documents, no one has cancelled.

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How can you become an English citizen

Every time the number of people applying for the position of a British citizen grows. After all, life in this country is high. And everyone wants to feel part of this prosperous and economically developed kingdom. But, you shouldn't even start this process if you are a serviceman of another country or a member of the secret services; if you are being persecuted by Interpol or you are involved in crime; if you do not recognize and support the country's Constitution.

  • The easiest way to get all the benefits of living in the UK is to register a marriage here and live in the country. Or the following option is possible: you are a citizen of one of the EU countries and live in England and your partner is outside the EU. The easiest way to get a family visa. However, it must be a real marriage. After all, the country is very strict about fictitious relations.