Moving for permanent residence in Morocco: stages and conditions for obtaining citizenship

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Moving for permanent residence in Morocco: stages and conditions for obtaining citizenship

Morocco is an African state bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is widely known for its unusual oriental flavor, mild climate, picturesque nature, and cultural heritage, which combines both Arab and European traditions. Many who have been here for travel begin to consider the possibility of settling in the country forever and even obtaining citizenship. Before specifically approaching the issue of migration to Morocco, you need to understand the specifics of the country, its standard of living, and conditions for permanent residence. In addition, the language barrier plays an important role. Knowledge of Arabic or French is a must here.

Morocco is a very specific country. This is because the bulk of the population here are Muslims, so you need to be prepared for their way of life, traditions, and rather strict customs. But it is not necessary to be a believer in Islam. Morocco is a democratic country and Christianity, as well as other faiths, is accepted with respect.

As for food prices. Life in Morocco is cheap. Small trade is represented by the presence of markets where you can always buy all the necessary products: fish, meat, vegetables, and a huge selection of fruits for little money. Thanks to such a resource as the sea, an abundance of seafood is an integral part of this country.

The main conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Morocco

Naturalization (the process of obtaining citizenship voluntarily). If you decide to obtain permanent residence status through naturalization, you must adhere to certain conditions. One of the main ones is to live in Morocco for at least 5 years without leaving the country. But not just to live. To justify the expediency of living in Morocco, you must at least study, work or run your own business:

1. Employment for hire. Despite the not very high standard of living and salaries, you can find work in Morocco. Given the fact that such an industry as the tourism industry makes up a large part of the country's economic development, professions in tourism and the hotel and restaurant business are considered popular. The medical sector, beauty services (hairdressers, cosmetologists), diving and surfing instructors, fitness trainers, tour guides, etc. will also become prestigious.

2. Own business in the same areas of activity or investment. The option is perfect for wealthy immigrants. Low taxation often attracts many businessmen who are ready to invest their money, for example, in an already operating company.

3. Real estate is a key decision. Buying real estate in Morocco will automatically give you the right to obtain a residence permit in the country, and subsequently citizenship in Morocco.

4. Marriage to a Moroccan citizen is a condition that applies exclusively to women. At the same time, it is necessary to live in an official marriage without leaving the country for 2 years or more. According to the traditions of this state, a man can live with four wives, but with the permission of the eldest wife.

An important detail about refugees should be noted. Under Moroccan law, refugee status cannot be obtained.


Stages of obtaining permanent residence in Morocco

Morocco is a visa country for many foreign citizens. When planning a trip to this country to obtain permanent residence status, in most cases you need to open a Moroccan multi-visa, which is valid for 90 days. Having received a visa permit, you can not only travel to the country but also do business, find a job, study, etc.

The main list of documents:

1. Passport of a citizen of the country (original and photocopy).

2. Application form completed by the applicant.

3. Photo, 2 pieces on a white background, size 3.5 by 4.5.

4. State ID number.

5. Availability of a certificate of income.

6. A certificate of good conduct is also required.

It is worth remembering that the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco has the right to request several additional documents. By downloading the checklist, you can learn more about how to get a visa to Morocco.

The next step will be the registration of a residence permit in Morocco. It is important to submit documents before the expiration of the multi-visa validity period of 90 days. An application for a residence permit is submitted strictly at the place of residence to a special department of the Moroccan police, which deals with issues of foreign citizens. For this you will need documents:

1. Original of your foreign passport.

2. A copy of a foreign passport with a stamp.

3. Photos 3.5 by 4.5 - 6 pieces.

4. Availability of a certificate of non-conviction.

5. Mandatory medical examination and obtaining a health certificate.

6. Questionnaire, filled in by the applicant in French.

7. Confirmation of the purchase of real estate in the country.

8. Or a copy of the lease agreement if you are renting.

The entire list of collected documents must be in duplicate. In addition, the police authorities may request documents on labor activity, for example, a copy of the work permit with the employer.
It is best to entrust the solution to all these issues to special experts. You can get more detailed legal advice regarding emigration at the place of residence (residence/immigration) on the website.