How to move to China: features and types of immigration to the country

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How to move to China: features and types of immigration to the country

China is a high-tech country with a prominent development speed. Thus the number of Middle Kingdom’s resident wannabes grows annually. But immigration to China is not a cup of tea: due to overpopulation relevant services pay a lot of attention to foreigners, and citizenship is almost impossible. 

Ways of immigration to China 

By PRC laws, when entering the country a foreigner must provide data on a guarantor-resident who promises to be responsible for the migrant. Also, there are alternatives:

Student’s visa. One of the easiest ways to enter the country for youngsters (up to 33 years of age): a lot of universities provide grants for studying Chinese, economics, and management. The grant-entering students can have a monthly scholarship, a place in the boarding house, and education cost compensation. Education at one’s expense can vary from 2500$ to 10000$ USD per year in state establishments, and from 10000$ to 30000$ USD in private ones.

Employment invitation. Here the employer acts as a guarantor. To enter the country one applies for a business type-Z visa which can be obtained after getting PRC working permission. To get permission one might not be a skilled surgeon or programmer: often one can find requests for nannies, entertainers, photographers, and performers. 

Starting a business. This option allows obtaining a multiple-entry business visa. And after four years of stable work and timely tax payments one can become a permanent resident. 

Real estate property. Having a flat in China gives one the right to get a temporary resident visa which allows one to live and work in PRC if the document's validity is prolonged on time. Getting a permanent residency requires at least 1mln$ USD real estate investment.

Economic investments. Investing can be targeted at state and private organizations, sovereign bonds, and infrastructure development. The minimal rate is 500 000$ USD at the beginning plus further investment within 3 following years.

Family reunion. Marriage, first-line family relations, and childbirth on the territory of the state or within the Chinese resident family allow one to obtain permanent residency.

Volunteering and special services to the State. PRC’s referential categories for permanent residency include experts in rare fields of activities, scientists, innovative project developers, and artisans.