Moving for permanent residence in Mongolia: obtaining a residence permit in Mongolia and citizenship

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Moving for permanent residence in Mongolia: obtaining a residence permit in Mongolia and citizenship

Mongolia is a large modern country, located in East Asia and has no access to the sea coast. The colourful Asian state attracts many foreigners with its "European" level of development. Natural landscapes, cultural and historical heritage, and modern infrastructure - this is not the whole potential that this country has. Despite the low standard of living, moving to Mongolia for permanent residence can be a very right decision.

Let's start with the pros:

1. Unique natural resources, thanks to which Mongolia has the cleanest ecological environment.

2. Stable economic and political environment.

3. Hospitality and complete tranquillity of the local population. Even though the Mongols are nomadic people, they are very smiling and friendly.

4. The labour market is also well-developed. There will be no problems with finding a job.

5. Opportunity to get a job on any diploma. A skilled worker is highly valued here.

6. Low crime rate also plays a key role.

7. The state is developed at the level of many EU countries. The most populated city - the capital Ulaanbaatar fully complies with European standards.

Before specifically approaching the issue of immigration to Mongolia, you need to understand the specifics of the country, its standard of living, and conditions for permanent residence. In addition, the language barrier plays an important role. Knowledge (at least a little) of the Mongolian language is a must.

Let's consider some points:

1. Low quality of life, especially compared to Europe and some other Asian countries, such as Uzbekistan.

2. The continental climate of this state is harsh. In winter, there are severe frosts, and in summer, the contrary is a very scorching sun.

3. The educational infrastructure is underdeveloped.

4. Even if you have received citizenship and a passport from Mongolia, this does not allow you to travel to EU countries without a visa permit.

It is possible to obtain permanent residence by naturalization by living in Mongolia for at least 3 years. Many foreign residents can stay in the country for one month without obtaining a Mongolian visa. Otherwise, a visa permit is required. The visa category will depend on the main purpose of the move. By downloading the checklist, you can learn more about how to get a visa to Mongolia.

It should also be noted that the process of obtaining a permanent residence in Mongolia is not fast and takes place in several stages. To begin with, a foreign citizen needs to obtain a residence permit and only then proceed to the process of permanent residence.


We issue a residence permit in Mongolia

Subject to all the norms of the Mongolian immigration policy, a foreign resident has the right to obtain a residence permit in the country for a sufficiently long period. This makes it possible to legally live and work in the state within the terms of the permit and without additional openings of visas. The basis for a residence permit may be:

•  Work Visa. employment in the country.

•  Student visa. Getting an education in the country.

•  Refugee under the refugee protection program.

•  Family reunification.

• A program where everyone can become a member of a humanitarian mission or a volunteer.

• Purchase of housing in Mongolia.

All documents must be translated into English or Mongolian. The immigration authorities will also ask for documents that confirm the reasons for moving to the country. For legal employment, you will need a work permit from the employer. When reuniting the family, relatives must show documents confirming family ties in Mongolia. If the goal is education, a contract with the university is provided. The purchase of real estate must be confirmed by a contract for the purchase of housing.


Permanent residence in Mongolia. The necessary conditions

After obtaining a residence permit, you need to live in the country for 3 years and then apply for permanent residence status. These are not only documents but also knowledge:

1. Knowledge of the Mongolian language (conversational level) and cultural traditions.

2. Understanding the legal framework of the country (its main aspects).

3. A document that confirms the acquisition of ownership of housing.

4. If you rent an apartment (house, etc.) - a lease agreement.

5. Certificate of income with a good salary, as well as an extract from the bank on the existence of an account.

Investors who are ready to invest about 2 million dollars or more in the economic development of the country have great privileges. This method automatically gives the right to obtain direct citizenship in Mongolia. It is best to entrust the solution to all these issues to special experts. You can get more detailed legal advice regarding issues of emigration at the place of residence (residence/immigration) on the website.

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