Permanent residence in Norway: documents to be prepared, certificate of residence

Residence permit


Permanent residence in Norway: documents to be prepared, certificate of residence

There are 2 ways to obtain citizenship: 

● by birth; 

● by naturalization. 

Citizenship can be obtained by birthright. Only a child is born to one of the citizens of Norway on the territory of the country. In case of birth outside the country, parents must apply for a birth certificate. A child adopted by Norwegian parents automatically receives Norwegian citizenship. In the case of adoption outside the country, the consent of the government is required. 

According to Henley’s Visa Restrictions Index, Norway's passport is one of the best in the world for freedom of movement. Norwegian citizens have access to 173 countries and territories without a visa or a simple visa on arrival. 

To get a Norwegian passport through naturalization, and citizenship, you must fulfill only two conditions: 

1. The time you have lived in Norway is eight out of the last eleven years. In addition, a valid temporary residence permit must be active during the application review period. If you have a sufficient income of 319,997 kroner, then the period of stay is six out of the last ten years. 

How is the time spent in the country calculated? 

● If you have been outside Norway for less than two months in a year: it will still count as a full year and no days will be deducted from your account. 

● If you have been outside Norway for less than two months in a year: the entire period of your stay outside the country will be deducted from your account, not just the days exceeding two months. 

● The minimum period of validity of the temporary stay permit must be at least 1 year if you entered the country as a tourist or had a short-term visa - this time is not taken into account. To calculate the period of stay, it is better to contact a legal consultant. 

2. Your documented level of fluency in Norwegian or Sami languages. A2 or B1 level is sufficient. And also a citizenship test, about knowledge of the country's history and society. For citizens of some countries, proof that you have completed 300 hours of Norwegian language lessons is required. 

An exception for the migration of citizens of the Nordic countries, who must live for only 2 years and pass the language. 

Applying for citizenship is done by submitting an online visa at The application fee is 4,200 kroner. After that, a personal meeting is scheduled. 

Documents to be prepared: 

● Passport 

● Birth Certificate 

● Certificate of marriage/partnership

● A complete list of entries and exits to Norway, including copies of all pages of current and previous passports 

● Tax returns for the qualifying period 

● Police certificate of good conduct 

● Confirmation of language competence (exam results). 

The waiting time for a decision is 12 months, during which time your previous temporary residence permit must be valid. 

Dual citizenship is allowed in Norway. Provided that it is not prohibited by the government of another country. 

Loss of citizenship 

● If you have obtained Norwegian citizenship but have been in Norway for less than 2 years or less than 7 years in the Nordic countries, you must submit an online application for confirmation of citizenship and provide details of your connection to the country. 

● Persons with dual citizenship can lose their Norwegian citizenship if they break the law in the country and are convicted for more than 6 years. 

● Submission of a personal application for renunciation of citizenship. The application is accepted only if the person has another citizenship. 

Permanent place of residence 

The Norwegian government distinguishes the following types of reasons for obtaining permanent residence/citizenship for foreigners: 

● family reunification (marriage to a Norwegian citizen, or when one of the parents is Norwegian); 

● obtaining a work permit (work visa), an invitation from the Norwegian's employer;

● granting political asylum; 

● cultural exchange, and training. 

All options for obtaining a temporary residence permit are listed in our checklist.

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