Permanent residence in Singapore: features of life, programs for obtaining permanent residence in Singapore

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Permanent residence in Singapore: features of life, programs for obtaining permanent residence in Singapore

A multicultural country full of cutting-edge technology and tropical oases is the dream of many who want to travel abroad. You can fulfil such a desire in the world's only city-state, located in the islands of Southeast Asia. Singapore has turned into one of the world's biggest financial centres and business capitals in just a few decades. But can foreigners stay in the country for a long time? Let us then share tips on how to get to Singapore for permanent residency and whether it is worth it.

Some of the particularities of life in Singapore

Singapore consistently tops international rankings of the best countries to live in. After all, the level of safety and comfort in the city-state is one of the highest in the world. Here, special attention is paid to cleanliness, keeping Singapore's streets neat. Finally, the perfectly clean state represents the social progress achieved by Singapore in a relatively short period. In particular, this has been helped by the introduction of special programmes for planting trees on the island, cleaning the main river, combating illegal trade, etc.

Innovative technology and modern architecture have made Singapore a portal to the future. For example, sensors are being installed in the homes of the elderly to send a signal to relatives or doctors when they are not moving. And people with special needs have smart cards that can be connected to a scanner at a pedestrian crossing and increase crossing time. But the exceptional nature of Singaporean culture lies in its combination of authenticity and modernity. Glass skyscrapers rise amidst exotic landscapes, and ethnic neighbourhoods with historic buildings spread out near areas with large business centres.

Permanent residence permit in Singapore

A permanent residence permit in Singapore can be obtained for the whole family at once. You can only become a resident after six months of continuous residence and employment in the country. Permanent residence holders have almost the same rights as Singapore citizens. Obtained resident status is valid for five years, after which it must be renewed. After two years of permanent residency in Singapore, you can apply for citizenship.

Here are the advantages of having a permanent residence permit in Singapore:

greater business opportunities;

lower cost of medical services;

no work restrictions;

ability to purchase housing in social housing;

university study benefits;

priority when children go to school;

mortgage payment subsidies.

Programmes for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Singapore

PTS (Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers) is designed for highly skilled professionals in those fields where there is a shortage of Singaporean professionals. It is the most popular scheme for obtaining permanent residency in Singapore. A degree from a prestigious educational institution will be an advantage for candidates. Also, the chances of success will be enhanced by active volunteering or family connections in Singapore. You can participate in the PTS programme after working for at least one year in local companies.

GIP (Global Investor Program) provides an opportunity for investors who are ready to make a solid contribution to Singapore's economy to move into a permanent residence. The programme targets entrepreneurs with a significant entrepreneurial track record and a successful track record of growing their businesses. GIP aims to improve Singapore's financial system. You can invest in both new and existing businesses. However, to participate in the programme, you must submit a completed business plan for five years. A favourable condition for obtaining a permanent residence permit under the investment programme is that you can cross the border freely. This means that the resident is not obliged to be self-employed and can manage assets from abroad.  

The ForArts programme (The Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme) aims to support creative professionals who stand out for their brilliant talents. But artists' achievements must be outstanding. This means that only winners of prestigious competitions, participants in international festivals, grand Prix winners, etc. will be eligible for permanent residence. In addition, candidates must have a background relevant to their field. The ForArts programme is most suitable for artists, writers, singers, musicians, designers, dancers, etc. Experience working in a managerial position in a cultural institution of their region will be an advantage for the participant.