Recommendations for travelers in Finland: why you should definitely visit the country



Recommendations for travelers in Finland: why you should definitely visit the country

Finland is one of the most stunning countries in Northern Europe, washed by the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. Despite the cool climate, the country is considered the happiest place on earth and the most visited country in winter. Finland is associated with both adults and young travelers as a country of fairy tales and the birthplace of the magical Santa Claus. It is worth noting that among the local population he calls Finland - Suomi, which means "lake region".

The biggest pride of the Scandinavian peninsula and the spectacle for which people are ready to cross half the world is the Northern Lights. This heavenly beauty phenomenon, created by nature itself, will make you remember it for a lifetime. Especially in the active phase, the celestial show generously sends rays of charged particles, due to which this bright colorful glow in the upper atmosphere occurs. The ideal period to get to this miracle is from September to March. The best point to see is the Northern Lights on a cloudless night in Lapland, which is also the birthplace of Santa Claus.
A distinctive component of the cultural and everyday values of the Finnish people is fishing. It is the process of fishing, like nowhere else, that is considered one of the best in Europe. Acquaintance with the most diverse inhabitants of fish families will plunge lovers into real peace and tranquility.

The traditional Finnish holiday format is spacious wooden cottages. They are usually located on the shores of lakes, in forest areas, as well as in small local villages. Each resort is pleased with its uniqueness and real European services.
Finnish cuisine is sustained in its best traditions. Simple yet incredibly satisfying. Most of the national dishes are fish, which is not surprising. So, lovers of trout, salmon, and herring are only here. Sweets from berries are also very popular, these are jelly and jams. The favorite food will also be the meat of elk and deer, cooked according to a secret recipe, and seasoned with berries and mushrooms. And you should try Kalakukko - a hearty and delicious traditional fish pie. As well as the branded milk fish soup Kalaikeitto. Of the drinks, the local population attaches special value to beer. Therefore, we can safely say that there is no bad beer in Finland. The Finns are also masters at making coffee.

The temperate climate of Finland is perfect for the recovery of tourists. Thanks to the warm current of the Gulf Stream, the Finnish winter is mild, without severe frosts, and with a sufficient number of sunny days. Averages in winter are -3 °C in the southern part to -15 °C in the north. In the northern part of the Scandinavian country, winter is characterized by its polar nights, and in the south, darkness comes at 15-00 in the afternoon. In summer it is very comfortable and there is no sweltering heat, the temperature on the hottest July days reaches up to +30 °C.
Finland is beautiful in any season. Ski tourism is popular here from the end of December to mid-April, and in the northern regions right up to the end of May. Summer in this country is characterized by a famous phenomenon - white nights. This is the best time for relaxing on the lakes, walking through the forests, trophy fishing, exploring the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, as well as sightseeing tourism and festival events.
Autumn gives the Scandinavian country a special charm and at this time ecotourism is well-developed here. A variety of berries begin to sing in the forests and mushrooms grow, which means that fans of beautiful nature will appreciate this season.

The most popular places in Suomi

1. Helsinki is the coldest capital in the world, standing on almost 300 islands and washed by the Gulf of Finland. It is Helsinki that is the central point of education, science, and culture. This is the only city where the metro and trams run. The main sights worth visiting are: Senate Square built in the style of late classicism; Suomenlinna - the Finnish fortress of 1748 is included in the UNESCO heritage list; Assumption Cathedral of red brick, which rises above the harbor of the capital; the original and very extravagant church of Temppeliaukio; Cathedral of Saint Nicholas; fans of history and traditions should visit the National Museum of Finland; Seurasaari open-air island museum.
A separate point worth noting is the commercial (market) area of Helsinki. Here you can not only buy Finnish souvenirs but also have a great time in local cafes and restaurants, eat and drink deliciously. After that, you can go to see such beautiful places as the seaport, the bronze fountain "Sea Nymph", the presidential palace, and the obelisk of the Empress with a double-headed eagle and visit the picturesque park.
In addition to adult desires, the capital will also give impressions to young guests. Children's recreation here is represented by a spacious aqua complex Serena; the modern oceanarium Sea Life; the Helsinki Zoo and, of course, Linnanmäki Amusement Park.
2. Lapland is a city of a fairy tale. The number one place to visit. A corner, most of which is located beyond the Arctic Circle and even has its separate capital, Rovaniemi. The city is famous for breeding such animals as deer. Approximately 200,000 reindeer live here, cared for by 6,000 reindeer herders. And you can visit these wonderful inhabitants in the Sirmakko Deer Farm Reserve.
 The main recommended places in this part of Suomi are the village of Santa Claus, which is also the official residence of the Finnish Santa Claus Yolupukki; the historical museum Arktikum; the original clear lake Inari; entertainment complex "Snowland". And for the northern lights, you need to go to the Arctic Circle, a sparsely populated, but easily accessible place. But if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Bearhill Husky Farm will give guests a great experience with a dog sled tour around Lapland.
3. Levi is the largest resort for active lovers of ski tourism. A huge selection of trails of varying difficulty, covers the entire mountain with its slopes, and even a professional skier cannot overcome them in one day. There are also schools for both adults and children. Another plus is the proximity of the ski lifts to the hotels, which makes it possible to rationally use the time skiing. On the territory of Ski Levi, there is also Hulu Poro Areena, a large entertainment center where famous musical groups perform and discos are held. And for children, there is an open-air children's town with games and other entertainment, even for the smallest. For those looking for adrenaline everywhere, we recommend ordering Icekarting Levi ice karting.
4. Lake Saimaa. The first largest lake in Suomi and the largest lake system in the Scandinavian countries. The territory of the lake includes 13,700 islands of various sizes, and the length of the coastline is as much as 15 thousand km. Saimaa is connected by a canal to the Gulf of Finland and has become a popular cruise route. Here you can admire rocky landscapes, rent a cozy cottage, go fishing, go canoeing, or yachting.
5. Savonlinna - Finnish Venice, located on lakes and rivers, which occupy more than 40% of the city's area. The ancient Olavinlinna castle of the 15th century is the main attraction of the city. It is here that an opera festival known throughout Europe takes place every summer season.
6. Good-natured and attractive Tampere. The southern town of Finland. A visit to the Nyasinneula tower, 168 meters tall, will be impressive. This is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Scandinavia. At its top, there is a chic observation deck, from which you can see the sprawling lakes and lovely city streets. A trip to the Museum of Spying will be fascinating, which has collected two dozen museums on various topics: children's museums of dolls and costumes; a boxing and hockey museum; an automobile museum; a museum of mummy trolls; a police museum, and many others.
You can relax in nature in Särkänniemi Park, which is located next to the Edem Water Park. It is in this city that the Dolphinarium is located, the only one in Suomi. And the starry sky can be seen in the local Planetarium.
7. The pearl of the Scandinavian countries - the Aland Islands. The birthplace of the famous fairy tales about the Moomin trolls of the famous Finnish writer. A truly magical place. A region of rocky fjords and primeval forests, a land of orange paths, and amazing architecture. A place where peaceful nature and high technology exist peacefully. These are not all the components that can describe these incredible islands.
If you have come for a longer vacation and there is still time, you should pay attention to the Oulanka National Park with its amazing landscapes, the cultural town of Porvoo, the port city of Turku, the Koli National Park, the oldest region of Oulu, the unique Kvarken archipelago.

And in conclusion, a few tips related to the trip to Suomi. Due to the abundant flattering terrain, especially in the Åland Islands, ticks can be a danger, so we recommend wearing closed clothes, covering your head, and taking the necessary sprays, lotions, or creams with you. In Finland, tough measures have been taken to protect nature, so it is forbidden to set up camps, and tents, make fires, fish, and even hunt without a certain permit. 

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