How to prepare for a trip to the UK: instructions for applying for a tourist visa

United Kingdom


How to prepare for a trip to the UK: instructions for applying for a tourist visa

We associate England with refined style, true aristocratism, wonderful taste, and centuries of tradition. Britain is still one of the most interesting and influential countries. Every year it is visited by tourists, politicians, businessmen, and students from all over the world.

Read the new UK immigration rules for international students here.

Rules of entry to the UK

Generally, a small UK Border Agency boarding card is issued to all visitors entering the UK. It tells you what personal details you need, such as where you plan to stay in the UK. You will fill it in on the spot. But don't worry, the immigration paperwork is so straightforward that you should have no difficulty at this stage. 

The purpose of your trip to the UK should not differ from that stated on your visa application. Failure to do so could lead to suspicion. This could lead to serious problems. Under COVID-19 conditions, you must complete the electronic Passenger Locator Form before arrival in the UK and show it at border control at the airport. Tourists leaving the UK will have to fill in a special declaration form, confirming that they have a valid reason for leaving the UK.


1. Visa application form. This application form can be completed online at the UK Border Agency website. You must follow the rules of transliteration and be very careful not to make any mistakes when filling it in.

2. Proof of purpose of travel. If you are coming to the UK for sightseeing, you may include your hotel reservation and itinerary with your documents, but it is not obligatory. You may indicate on the application form that you will book a hotel after you have obtained your visa.

3. Employment or occupation information.

4. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's place of work. You will need to attach your employer's form and give information such as your position in the organization, number of years of service, and average monthly salary.

5. Bank account statement. It's ideal if you have double the amount available to cover your planned expenses. You should apply for a bank statement for a UK visa at least 2 weeks before you apply. If you are traveling with family, it is possible to submit a certificate from only one family member.