Work in Zambia: what are the advantages, necessary documents and prospects



Work in Zambia: what are the advantages, necessary documents and prospects

Zambia is a landlocked tropical state in southern Africa. Zambia consists of 10 provinces, which are divided into districts. The peace-loving African nations have been very popular with Russians, Ukrainians, and many others from the collapsing Soviet Union for decades. Finding a job in a developing country in Africa is not difficult. Talented people are always and everywhere needed!

General information 

There are no democratic conditions for employment in African countries. Before looking for a job in Africa you should make an objective assessment of your potential. In theory, you could get a job in the following fields:
- Services and Entertainment.
- Medicine.
- Construction.
- Mining.
- Education.
Most people move to Zambia just to work in medicine, as it is one of the best-paid professions in the country.

Benefits of working as a doctor in Zambia

High wages.
Starting salaries in the country's public hospitals range from $3,500 to $5,000. The salary will be between $20,000 and $22,000 at the end of a three-year contract.
Experienced and highly qualified doctors can earn more. The contract is guaranteed by the government, so there is no salary delay. 
If you do not work in the capital or a local center, you will be entitled to social benefits (telephone and petrol costs, children's education, refresher courses). A tax refund is available at the end of your contract. 30% of your income. Also, you and your family are paid for a flight to any part of the world.


Zambia is the only country in the world that does not have strict examinations and recognizes degrees by interview. However, it is unrivaled in terms of salary, quality of life, working conditions, and so on. At present, doctors in Zambia are recruited from European countries whose native language is English.
Many of the doctors who had previously planned to use Zambia as a springboard to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia have ended up staying in Zambia permanently.


All doctors and dentists wishing to work in Zambia must register with the Medical and Dental Council.
The following documents must be submitted to register:
- 2 passport-size photographs;
- Copy of passport;
- Copies of all medical school certificates;
- Copy of diploma supplement;
- Certificate of registration from the Medical Council of your country;
- Detailed resume;
- Criminal records;
- Recommendation letter from the last employer;
- Certificate of Good Standing (issued by the Ukrainian Medical Board);
- Completed application form;
Stages of obtaining a work permit in Zambia:
1. Submission of an application package
2. Obtaining an introduction to your intended work from the Ukrainian Zambian Cultural Centre.
3. Registration of documents with ECFMG:  
4. Creating a complete set of EPIC documents (diploma, supplement, professional certificate, valid certificate - from $80 per document.
5. Fee for request (125 US dollars) + fee for verification (80 US dollars per 1 document) EPIC.
6. Submission of documents for registration of EPIC + IELTS (the price - $ 150).
The state language is English. To work in Zambia, you must first apply for a work permit before you enter the country. If you work for a Zambian company, that company must apply for your work visa at the immigration office to show that no other Zambian is suitable for the position.

What other professions are in demand in Zambia?

  • Construction
In Zambia, the construction industry is a rich business that employs both men and women. It is a field where there are many opportunities for career advancement. Construction workers, regardless of gender, require minimum qualifications but can earn a decent minimum wage under the Minimum Wage and Conditions of Employment Act.
  • Nursing
Nursing is also one of the occupations in which many young people worldwide, including in Zambia, are employed.
  • Teaching
This is the only profession that is recession-proof and can be said to be in constant demand. The demand for teachers is increasing every year as so many new schools open. This opens up opportunities for young, ambitious women and men interested in a career in education.

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