Obtaining permanent residence on the island of Mauritius. Types of real estate for investment

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Obtaining permanent residence on the island of Mauritius. Types of real estate for investment

Mauritius is a small island nation in the Indian Ocean known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs. The capital of Port Louis is a fairly developed metropolis. The level of economic development of the state has made it one of the most successful in South Africa with a GDP of over $25,000 USD per person. Therefore, it is not surprising that this island has become a desirable goal for many to obtain permanent residence status.

Travel to Mauritius

To obtain a residence permit, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions that are associated with financial investments in the state economy.

How to get permanent residence in Mauritius:

marriage to a citizen of Mauritius.

contract job

investment in the purchase of the real estate

business investment

To obtain the status of permanent residence, you additionally need:

high level of English;

provide a certificate of no criminal record;

reside in the country legally.

The easiest way is to get a residence permit by buying a property. The minimum transaction amount must be $375,000 USD. Previously, this amount was $500,000 USD, but changes have been made since 2021. The duration of the process of obtaining permanent residence is about six months. But if successful, the candidate and his family members will receive the right to permanent residence in the state.

Investment Property Types

The program for obtaining permanent residence for foreigners provides for 4 types of real estate for investment:

1. Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

Premium-class residential real estate with a plot of more than 10 hectares.

2. Real Estate Scheme (RES):

Premium residential real estate with a plot of fewer than 10 hectares.

3. Property Development Scheme (PDS):

Premium residential property with a plot of fewer than 10 hectares, belongs to a useful infrastructure project.

4. Smart City Scheme (SCS):

Premium residential property that refers to a useful infrastructure project in a city or town.

You can also invest in business and development. Such investments make it possible to obtain permanent residence for 20 years.

Types of such investments:


High Tech Sector

Sector of innovative startups

The process of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Mauritius is quite complicated. After all, for a trip you need to get a visa, then a residence permit, and only after that apply for permanent residence.

To obtain a visa to Mauritius, you must provide:

international passport (and a copy);

tourist voucher;

completed entry form;


bank account statement

After obtaining a visa, you can apply for a residence permit. But before that, a residence visa is issued for the applicant's family members. This document allows you to get a job or conduct business in Mauritius. Before obtaining a residence permit, it is necessary to obtain a residence visa for all family members. Such a document gives the right to work and engage in their own business in the country.

Obtain Mauritius Citizenship

Becoming a citizen of Mauritius is both easy and difficult. For this, two conditions must be met:

Invest at least $375,000 USD in the state economy

Residing in the territory of the state for 2 or more years before applying for citizenship.

The term for consideration of the application is up to 1 year. Such naturalization allows you to have the right to visa-free entry to 145 countries of the world (including the Schengen area). Thus, the procedure for obtaining the right to permanent residence in Mauritius is associated only with financial investments and the provision of a standard package of documents. If you have any questions - please contact us for consultation.