Permanent Residence in Belgium: life in the heart of Europe

Residence permit


Permanent Residence in Belgium: life in the heart of Europe

To obtain a residence certificate in Belgium you have to live in the country for 5 years, with a temporary residence certificate (long-term visa, category D). Citizenship can be obtained after 5 years of permanent residence in Belgium, but it is better for 10 years, for better integration into society. And dual citizenship is allowed. 

When entering investments in the country, you will only receive a temporary residence certificate. It is the sum of 250,000 euros in business and € 300,000 in real estate. If you plan to move to Belgium, we advise you to get acquainted with our checklist.

Help residents through family reunification 

Your relative who applies for your certificate should be a Belgium citizen or reside in the country for a minimum of a year with a permanent residence certificate. It should also prove the necessary living space for you and financial resources for your security.

Right have:

● husband/wife of a Belgian citizen; 

● minor children; 

● children under 21 years of age; 

● parents who need care. 

The right to family reunification has one family member per year. That is, another member can apply for residence for only a year. 

The reason for acquiring citizenship

● Having causes of stay in Belgium;

● The applicant's majority;

● Decent level of proficiency in one of the state languages (Dutch, French, German);

● Sufficient financial support; 

● High level of integration into local society; 

● Lack of problems with the law. 

Citizenship by the right of birth

● One of the parents of the child is a citizen of Belgium or lived in its territory for the last 5-10 years before the child is born 

● The child does not have citizenship but was born in the territory of the country

● Adopted by Belgium citizens 

● Baby or grandson of the Belgian immigrant.

Marriage Citizenship: 

The country's government recognizes all types of marriages: official, civil, and same-sex. You have to prove that you lived together for 6 months in the country or 3 years beyond. First, you receive a residence permit, and after 5 years - citizenship. 


If you have special ties with the Belgian kingdom, you can claim a simplified way of obtaining citizenship. Subject to: 

● over 18 years of age 

● born in Belgium 

● were born from a citizen of the country 

● have an indefinite residence permit. 

You have to apply in Belgium. You should have official employment in the crane. But you can apply for citizenship after 3 years of stay in the country. 

Naturalization for special merit can be obtained after 3 years of stay in the country if you prove the value of the country and is:

● You are a well-known scientist 

● Famous artist, artist, artist or cinema artist 

● Sportsman 

● Political figure. 

Naturalization due to refugee status. You have to live in this status for 2 years in Belgium. The main condition is the complete abandonment of your homeland. You are not allowed to throw countries over these two years. 

Citizenship process 

1. A lawyer advises on the possibility of obtaining citizenship 

2. Collection of documents 

3. Submission of the application at the place of residence 

4. Obtaining a Belgium passport. 


● passport 

● 3 photos 

● certificate of absence of debt in the territory of the country 

● financial support certificate 

● reference 

● certificate in English or French.

You can additionally provide letters from Belgium citizens who know you personally and can give you a positive characteristic. 

Causes of refusal 

● False data 

● Low income or tax debt 

● Crimes in the territory of the country 

● Fictitious marriage.