Medical care for foreigners in Norway: how to plan your trip and what you need to know about entry requirements



Medical care for foreigners in Norway: how to plan your trip and what you need to know about entry requirements

The healthcare system in Norway is considered one of the most advanced. Medical facilities in the country are equipped with modern equipment and innovative technology, and doctors use the latest practices in their work. Patients are offered a wide range of services and a high level of medical care is provided. At the same time, prices remain very affordable compared to other European countries.
Since Norway is a popular destination for medical tourism, we have prepared useful information on the specifics of treatment abroad. In the material, read about visa requirements, documents necessary to enter the country, and other details that are important for medical tourists.

What you need to do to come to the country to receive medical care

Foreigners who plan to receive treatment or examination in Norway must, first of all, choose a medical institution. There are both public and private hospitals in the countries. However, we recommend that medical tourists only look out for private ones. Among the most popular hospitals accepting foreign patients are:
Oslo University Hospital; 
St. Olvas hospital HF;
Sørlandet Hospital Kristiansand. 
On the websites of the medical facilities, you can immediately select the necessary service and leave an application. It also contains contacts and other important information. Be sure to consult your doctor, and determine the cost of the treatments, the duration of the treatment, and your further stay.
Once everything is settled, arrange the necessary documents. Usually, foreign patients must have medical certificates of examination results, doctors' conclusions, and information about the diagnosis. Proof of medical necessity and an invitation from the clinic must also be provided to receive medical care in the country.
The next step should be to obtain a visa if the conditions require it. Citizens of the EU, EEA, and visa-free countries can only enter Norway with a biometric passport and stay for up to 90 days. Tourists from other countries must obtain a visa for medical care.
Medical services in Norway are paid for by foreign patients. We, therefore, recommend that you take care of adequate health insurance. We advise you to use only verified insurance companies. If you need qualified assistance, please contact the specialists on our website, who will competently select a safe and suitable insurance plan.


Citizens of EU/EEA member states or visa-free countries, as well as foreign tourists with short-term visas, may stay in the country for up to 90 days. However, if long-term treatment of more than 90 days is planned, a temporary residence permit must be applied for in advance. To do so, the following requirements must be met:
pay a registration fee;
receive an offer of treatment from a medical facility in Norway;
pay for the treatment;
have confirmation from the local hospital that the treatment will not lead to deterioration of medical care.
It should also be taken into account that the duration of treatment should not exceed one year.

Documents required

The standard package for obtaining a visa to Norway includes the following documents:
a completed form;
a valid passport with previously issued visas (if any);
two color photographs;
confirmation of ticket bookings in both directions;
certificate of income and confirmation of the availability of funds for medical treatment;
confirmation of accommodation booking and address;
a letter stating the purpose of the visit;
details of marital status;
health insurance of at least €30,000.
Medical tourists must also add the following certificates to the above documents:
local medical report;
a medical certificate from a hospital or doctor in Norway confirming the date of the visit, as well as the state of health;
a receipt for payment for medical services.
It is essential that you read all the necessary information at your embassy before submitting your application, and also consult specialists about the specifics of treatment abroad.


A wide range of procedures and services are available at medical facilities in Norway. Among foreign patients, the most popular are:
plastic and reconstructive surgery;
cancer diagnosis and treatment;
planned surgery;
treatment of heart disease;
respiratory therapy;
minimally invasive surgery;
specialist mental health and addiction services;
infertility treatment;
dentistry, etc.
Prices for treatment and research are considered quite democratic and lower than in many European countries. You can even save up to 80-90% on some treatments in Norway. For example, if a breast augmentation in an American clinic will cost around US$5,000-10,000, it will cost between US$500 and US$800 in a Norwegian clinic. Knee replacement surgery in the US will cost around USD 49 000-50 000, while in Norway it will cost USD 3630. The cost of in vitro fertilization in America could be USD 15 000, while in Norway the price for the same service will be around USD 2838.

Recreational tourism

Norway is famous for its magnificent nature and landscapes. Therefore, the country is one of the most popular destinations for recreational tourism. There are many health centers, spas, and sanatoriums where both physical and spiritual strength can be restored.
Tourists are also offered many interesting places for entertainment and active outdoor recreation. The following types of outdoor recreation are popular in Norway: mountaineering, skiing, skating, fishing, football, etc.